Feel the Power of Scent with Kleenex 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues

November 29, 2015

" Pleasant smells lower the heart rate and reduce stress, and makes you feel better. "
Kleenex® introduces a new way to enjoy its softness, infusing rose essential oil or cherry blossom fragrance into its first Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues for an absolutely delightful and uplifting user experience. 
Rose Essential Oil scent
Cherry Blossom Scent
There is nothing like the smell of a freshly-washed laundry, cookies and cake baking in the oven or a flower in bloom to put a smile on your face. Such wonderful scents simply make us feel better and lift our spirits. Inhaling something fabulous can making us feel more positive and nurturing, even when our environment is stressful or overwhelming. 
Economic recession, peoples are struggling with basics, stressful with job. Although it is the little thing but it could help you to feel better. What is that? Take a good scent! Smell is the most direct sense. Regarding doctor said, human have to process the information first with senses except smell. There is a substantial body of research that supports the link between fragrance and well-being, smell can changing your emotions and triggering memories. Did you try throwback your memory with just an unexpected whiff? For example, baby powder will makes you feel joyful because this is the powerful scent we smell during toddler's time and rated pieces of fabric as much softer when presented with a lemon scent than they did when the same swatches were presented with an animal-like odour.
"Ding Dong! you got a parcel." Receive this lovely gift from Kleenex.
I feel like i am surrounded by the flower blossoms when i open the parcel. 
* sorry a bit messy there > < *
I am not sure you guys will doing this or not, but for me, i’ll always using facial tissue to pat off water from my skin right after cleansing my face. So now i using Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues, and it is a perfect way to lift myself out of those early morning doldrums. =)
Princess V : " What? this all for me? "
It is a must to wipe off my furkid's mouth (Princess V and Golden Dou Dou) with facial tissue every time after meal to keep them clean.
I also will using facial tissues and dampened with warm water to loosen the mucus and debris that collects around the eye from time to time. Look! they are so enjoyable when smell the flora scented Kleenex® 3-Ply Facial Tissues. 
Well, this is my D.I.Y by Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues. 
Love the flora scents of this 2 different scented facial tissues, it has a soft smell, none of those scents pop out for me. So i make it as my desktop decoration, enjoying with these smells anytime, it cheers up my day and banish my depression. 
See! my beautiful flower tree. ^^ 
p/s : if you wish to learn how to make this tissue flower, comment below and i'll blog it as soon as possible. =)
Another D.I.Y is car decoration hanging. 
Normally, the tissue box has a weird smell if put in car, i have no idea why like this, but i dislike the smell. That's why i having Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues box in my car now, woohoo! smell the rosy and cherry blossom fragrance! 
Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues can have around the home and office, or carried around in a purse! Through the new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues, Malaysians can experience the power of scent in a new way. It has 3 layers, so this is good in quality and thick enough.  
New Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues in box packs
4 packs of 74 sheets : RM10.30 
4 packs of 114 sheets : RM14.55 
New Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues in soft packs 
4 packs of 46 sheets : RM5.35
Want to try? Request for a sample of the brand-new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Tissues at http://powerofscent.kleenex.com.my and share uplifting messages on social media with the hashtag #KleenexPowerofScent

For more information on Kleenex®, log on to the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page


  1. Hi..nice blog u have there. please share the way to make the beautiful flower tree. Thanks..

  2. Hi..nice blog u have there. please share the way to make the beautiful flower tree. Thanks..

  3. Hi Sze Mein,

    Sorry i was too busy recently, here is my tutorial : http://thebgirlworld.blogspot.my/2016/02/diy-project-tissue-paper-flowers-tutorial.html
    Hope it will help u =)


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