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November 23, 2015

I am pets lover, Princess V and Golden Dou Dou are my precious. Because of them, i started to discovering dog snacks and after that selling dog cakes until now. Dogelicious Doggies Treats is my online dog bakery, you might know it if you are dog lover. =P
For both of them, i bought the pretties handmade premium collar, leather leash, car seat divider, flexible water bottle (for outing), water fountain machine, cooling shirt (to calm down body temperature during hot day), thunder shirt (to calm down when thunderstorm), pet stroller and of course bed! I ordered this all at online shop and imported from oversea like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and even far away United Kingdom and Australia. I know... i am crazy but i cannot get all of these in Malaysia, even though some dealer here is selling but the price was scare me away. The price is cheaper when i bought it from oversea included shipping fees hahahaha!!! But too bad, due to GST and imported tax increased (a lot!), it is not worth to buy from oversea and shipping to Malaysia. 
Alright, back to topic! Recently, i had a review about sleeping mat. Oops! sorry... actually is my Princess V and Golden Dou Dou had a review about LIFEAPP pet sleeping mat. =)
LIFEAPP is a Taiwan brand for pets, with more than 40 years of professional experience in the fiber weave, LIFEAPP is specialised in sleeping mats for pets with exclusive derived from Japanese Technology - 4D Elastic Stress Release Fiber. It is fully washable, comfortable and soothing for dogs and cats. Great news for Malaysians, you can get this from the ONLY ONE dealer at Malaysia now!!! 

It is easy to buy a bed for small breed dog like my Princess V, she got 3 beds at home now ><!!! So i decided to request L size sleeping mat for Golden Dou Dou, Golden Dou Dou was sleeping single bed (human one) all the while, there are not many pet shops selling bed which suitable for large breed among Malaysia market. When the dealer told me that LIFEAPP sleeping mats is good for joint sickness, definitely it is suitable for Golden Dou Dou! She had Hip dysplasia due to bad genetics (wtf to those bad breeder!!!) and went for TPO surgery since 5 months old.
Golden Dou Dou : "Yahooo!!!! i got new sleeping mat! " *discovering...sniff sniff*
A total of 4 sizes are available and different sizes accommodate different breed and size of your pet.
S size : W45 x D30 x H5
M size: W65 x D45 x H5
ML size : W80 x D55 x H5
L size : W110 x D70 x H5

The promotional prices (FREE shipping) are as following:
Size S - RM 169
Size M - RM 239
Size ML - RM399
Size L - RM469

I choose red color, LIFEAPP sleeping mats come with dual design, one side is plain color and another side is checkers design, just flip either way as you like.
The fabric cover is quite resistant to dog fur accumulation.
Healthy. Suitable for cats & dogs
Release stress on joints and muscles according to its body shape. Even more spottable for aged cats and dogs under long term nursing.
Breathable. 4D Elastic Stress Release
4D high bouncing finer structure, with 80000 times repeated compression test, high rebound, supportive, breathable and long lasting. Maintain shapes after long term usage.
Easy. Washable & dry easily
Easy cleaning and fully washable from the fabric cover to 4D elastic finer inner filling. Just wash it under flowing water and air dry. It's sleek.
Light to carry
Light to carry and can be used even when you travel with your furkids.

Eco friednly. Hygiene and Non-toxic
Manufactured under strict production standard. The inner fillings use safe, non-toxic and recyclable polyolefin. Apart from taking care of your furkids, its also environmental friendly.
Invisible zippers for nicest looking and safe from furkids because it is invisible to avoid pets get scratch and injured.
 Golden Dou Dou is 31kg now  *Golden Dou Dou : don't judge my weight, i am slimmer already!*
This LIFEAPP sleeping mat with 4D high bouncing finer structure, proved by 80000 times repeated compression test. The dealer told me, it can long-lasting at least more than 6 years. =)
L size sleeping mat is just nice for Golden Dou Dou. This girl is too pampered, she will never use/eat it if she don't like it. Luckily she love this sleeping mat, i guess it is real comfortable. =)
 Princess V love it too! She is the first one to lay on this sleeping mat after i unwrap it. 
*babe, this is not for you!* 
14 to 16 hours a day is the average time adult dogs spend sleeping. The environment in which your dog spends its days affects both the quality and quantity of its sleep, they are alone, panic and bored when the owner is not at home. A bored dog will sleep for longer periods but is likely to be restless, so it is important to let them feel secure and has a quantity sleep with comfortable bed. 
* Remembering to regularly wash furkid's beds to ensure that their sleep space is comfortable and insect-free.

Chinese version.
Do pamper your furkid since A PET IS A FRIEND FOR LIFE.
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