Nutcase Dreamer Necklace

August 29, 2013

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Top - Zara Kids =P
Leather Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - CDG
Pink Dreamer Necklace - Nutcase x Dream Collection 2013 from Amelie Street

I seldom buy necklace like this, this is a bit over funky for me, it's not my style. But, sometimes might need a little change so my life is not that bored. LOL!

Their new collection is attracted me, how i wish to collect all of them but too bad, it is costly of course if i want it all,so i pick the sweet color - pink pink instead of purple or blue.

Every time i go to Hong Kong, i must visit her shop, there are many unique accessory and clothes selling. A lots of celebrity like Twins, Sammi, EEG singers are visit her store often,bravo! Even though i am only visit Hong Kong once or twice in a year, but if i want to buy, there are no way to stop me although it is not in Malaysia,she can delivery to me from Hong Kong if i purchase with certain amount. Thank You so much! 

Ella (Hong Kong singer) is wearing this collection too.

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