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August 25, 2013

My weekends activity is actually very simple, usually i will bring my furkids go to park and then just stay at home until dinner time.

Today, my tiring day.
Because i need to woke up at 8.30am and get ready to sent all my cake to my customers until 12pm, i never ever wake up at this time unless got mission to complete. early morning weekend is end in the car but not my bed.

Been reading some blogger's blog, all about Gangnam 88.What is that? is that Oppa Gangnam style?!
It's a korean restaurant at Solaris and have no idea why it suddenly attract a lots of peoples visit.
Curious baby is gonna to explore this secret. =P
Done deal, my dinner place tonight.
Although i don't eat korean food. LOL!

It is located at Solaris where is 80% korean restaurants at there, i was afraid i couldn't find it but luckily it is just at the first shop of row and above of The Coffee Bean (i think you can find it easily )

Dinner started with my ginger tea, another thing which i don't take in my life because i don't like ginger. Korean boss is not speak too well in english but his staff too, so..i accidentally order this.
First time to drink this and found it was not bad !
 Ramyeon (korean Ramen)

 I can't remember the name of this but i was asking the waitress how big of this portion but he told me it is for single serving and it was surprise me because it is actually suitable for 2 or 3 persons. Taste slightly sweeter which i not really like it. It's my problem, i don't like sweet dishes but i like sweet dessert . hahaha...

What will make you think of Korean food?
Refillable side dishes!

Their star dishes
BBQ Pork
Thumbs up for this even though i don't take pork, but sincerely recommended this.

Alright, this is the reason to attract me to come. Beers Chicken!
You see how sexy it's standing pose, hehehe...
But please take note, this might need order in advance or approximately 45 minutes to be served. May be today is weekends, they are ready more for serve. I only need to wait for 10 minutes . *lucky stars spinning*
As it named beer chicken, but beer taste very mild, may be is on chicken skin and i don't eat it.It is more taste like steam chicken but you can try it out this pose cool dish, LOL!

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My looks, my friend said this picture looks like ghost,hahaha...

Unicorn Clutch

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Tops - Forever New
Mint Pants - Forever New
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