Jay Chou Opus Concert 2013

August 12, 2013

Recently really superb busy to rushing my cake orders, 12 cakes need to done in this Raya holiday,whuuu~~~ my 5 days long holidays gone....my friends said it doesn't matter for me because i don't need to work in office, i am the one who decide which day is my holiday,but you know...public holiday is holiday, hmm...different mood LOL!

Alright, 5 days Raya holidays ended. Majority cake orders were clear , so i got my time to update my blog here.

Jay Chou , i love him since his first album released. After that, he show his variety talent in music, movie and businesses. I am really admire his talents but i am not his crazy fans. XD

He is going to have three concert in Malaysia, and immediately i bought his concert tickets. Wait and wait...finally the day is here!

Jay Chou Opus World Tour concert 2013

I was bought the 3rd and the last concert which is on 4th Aug 2013.

Me and my sister Yennie

Honestly, i love him but i have no idea since when he love pink so much? I can see the color themed of this concert is pink pink and pink.

The show is started! Because of there are not allowed to take picture or record video,so i just simply use my brilliant iPhone to take few pictures. At this moment, i starting to miss my previous note 2,iPhone camera for far distance is real sucks!

The concert were present a amazing showcase to us, 3D and 4D graphic effect, lavish fireworks, sound effect, laser lighting, were deployed for the best concert experience to us!

He is performing a lots of old song and new songs, but i love the old songs the most. Besides of singing,  chit-chatting is just a small part of this concert but he always bring us fun and laugh when talk to us. He was try to tell the truth of his 8 muscles build is because of he wanna looks younger and hope his 8 muscles can stay with him until 80 years old.LOL!

Piano is one of the important part of his life and of course for this concert too, other than that, he was performing a mini musical from Roof Top (his new movie 2013) with his junior Cindy.

He and his guitar.

At the end of concert, some giant beach balls came behind of me, i am not surprisingly because newspaper already spread this news but when i saw it, i felt so happy .

Thank you Jay! you bring us an awesome show and taking me to walking down my memory lane with your love songs.

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