My Princess V birthday in year 2013

August 1, 2013

Times goes by very fast, my baby girl is growing up too fast! 

28th July is her birthday , my princess V is officially turn to 4 years old!

For human, 4 years old is just a small kid but for dog, number getting bigger, meaning my chance to celebrate birthday with her is getting lesser.

Remember the first day she came in our family, she is so small like my hand palm , that day she is only 1 month old. 

Because of she always get sick when small, and i already quit my banker job before her, i decided to explore in doggies bakery field so i got time to take care of her, and make healthy food for her. So you can see my bakery logo is design with her big head. =)

A lots of people asked me : Why wanna give up a very good earning job and become a baker? can earn money? dog is so important to you??!

This is my official answer : I like to challenge, even though without dog, i still will change my job, but just may be not as baker but it's another professional job. Chosen to be a baker, i don't think too much of it, not only i want my furkids to eat healthy but all dogs too, i wish they all can have their own birthday cake, treats and party to enjoy pampering in their life time. Dog is very important to me honestly, because they aren't my dogs but they are my kids. It's a life!

And the most important is their life is shorter than human!

I will do anything for them because i believe they deserve it.

Happy birthday to my darling girl Princess V, hope you stay healthy and healthy and healthy also.

Princess V : mummy, that figurine is look like me!

She seems like knowing that day is her birthday, because usually when i take picture with her, she won't look at my camera, but that day, she keep giving big sweet smiles to me, my good girl!

Mummy love you always

And family love you too!

Fairy V (hehe)

Sisters picture, Golden DOu Dou doesn't want to move so Princess V got to posing like that *weird*

What flavor of the cake mummy? i smell so good!

This is blueberry cake with strawberry and blueberry as filling.

If you are interested, please contact Dogelicious Doggie Treats  or email to for further details.

Golden DOu Dou : mummy why only 1 pieces for me? ain't enough?

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