Birthday Dinner at Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion Cuisine

July 30, 2013

The second birthday celebration in July, this time is my darling's big day, girls night out!

Same thing, we were discussing a lots of restaurant or fine dining place. The one where we decided to go is fully booked, so blah blah blah....discuss again....long night gone and finally we had last minutes decision here, we call to reserve table on the day we go , luckily, successful!

Where are we going???

The answer is Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion cuisine .

My another friend did recommend this to me before but too bad, this is not a "normal" Thai restaurant. It always fully booked , crowded,long queue if you plan to walk in (please don't do this ok,never ever try to walk in in this restaurant! ) If you insist to do so, you got to spend your time there wait and wait and wait until flower drop. This restaurant is not spacious, there are only about 10 tables inside.

Seriously, before you decided to eat this, please plan ahead. 
" Give a call to them, i don't think will waste your some much time right? Waste 3 minutes and you get your plan done, why not? " That's my quote always telling to my friends =)

Why this Thai cuisine is so different? 
Firstly, it was voted as one of Asia's finest restaurant in year 2010/2011 and hits 5th from top 5 best restaurant in Malaysia by The Miele Guide,  3rd from top 5 best restaurant in Malaysia by The Miele Guide in year 2011/2012 and 2nd from top 5 best restaurant in Malaysia by The Miele Guide in year 2013. It also is one of the best restaurant in Malaysia year 2012-2013 by Malaysia Tatler. 

So, please be a good customer , few steps to complete your reservation. Visit their website, check their dishes menu , call them , pre-order dishes at least one day in advance, DONE! 

The reason of this is because most traditional Thai dishes require a great deal of preparation with regards to the ingredients. It’s no different in Erawan where they place top priority in our preparation of their dishes. Currently have Chef Korn only overseeing and cooking all the main dishes.All their perishables e.g. vegetables, meat, etc are marketed on a daily basis.They have a very high turnover with minimal stock .This will ensure all their food are fresh and of the highest quality.

So we are superb lucky that we got a table at night when we called at day! yippee!

When i reached at their door step, i saw a lots of people waiting at outside. There was a red beautiful door in front of me, push it and i saw a very cosy place and decorated by beautiful Thai decoration.

Didn't managed to take more pictures of their decoration because that day real crowded , so this is some pictures from their official website.

All of their staff or even though is boss, they are so friendly! I was reached there earlier so i need to wait my another 2 friends come and place order, staffs at there didn't try to ask me order quickly or talk to me rude. 

Alright, now is our order time! i loves Thai food the most, eat spicy the most. All my friends were laugh at me ,why my tongue got no response to those spicy food? haha i can tell you, i really can't find the most spicy food in my world at this moment.

Mangosteen Salad
You must try this! 

Roasted duck red curry , Steam fish with lime and chili sauce, paku with spicy sauce, all these must give a try!

What do you think of this? beautiful bowl with jasmine steam rice .

Thai Lychee ice Tea , love this too! the dish is paku with spicy sauce, we were weird on it when it on our table because it seems like prawn dishes,hehe...

Roasted duck red curry

Steam fish with lime and chili sauce

Seafood tom yam soup.
You can choose their spicy range from 1-3 , #3 is the most spicy but as we spoken with their captain, he decided to order #4 which is the most spicy (not in menu) because my tongue can't feel any spicy. =P

Tom yam soup is a must for me to order when visit every Thai restaurant, high expectation on this but too bad, it is not spicy at all and taste so so only.

After feed our stomach, it's cut cake time!

putting candle on the plate

The birthday girl with the minion
Happy birthday and may you have a wonderful year ahead! muacks muacks!  

Three of us

The minion cake is done by me , It was like throw a bomb in that restaurant when the captain bring this cake out from kitchen, a lot's of people ask where we buy this, haha...
I can tell you out loudly:
It is from Miss.B Patisserie
If you are interested to order, please visit my page ( or email to me ( 

Dessert time
Red Ruby

Mango Glutinous Rice

Awww...... we were superb full after this so many dishes. Thumbs up to the chef and very nice taste overall . I am sure i will come back again. 

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Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion

No.22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16

Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Petaling Jaya 

Tel No: 03- 6141 2393

(Pork Free. Closed on Mondays. Opening times: Fri - Sun 12-3pm; Tue - Sun 6pm -10.30pm. The place is opposite the ICCA.)

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  1. Everything looks wonderful! But I guess that’s what Thai cuisine are all about; one would love to try everything because of its unique and delightful exoticness. And they’re made from fresh ingredients that makes it not only delectable, but nutritious at the same time. Cheers!

    Nicholas Stanley @ Nahm Thai Bistro


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