Attention to all doggie lovers, Dogathontm 2013 is coming!

July 28, 2013


As a pets lover and i have my two princess (fur kids) since year 2009 and 2010, i was trying my best to gain more knowledge about dogs / pets from everywhere . Starting to knew pets lover, buy magazine about pets , and then joining activity which held for pets and become doggies bakery owner (Dogelicious Doggie Treats) . Dogathontm is the one of large event that i joined every year , pets lover always headache about their outdoor activity with furkids because there are not everywhere is pets friendly and although it is, but still against with some rules. Commonly you can say this is sport day for doggies!

What is Dogathontm? 

here is their history , hope it is not too long story for you =)

DOGATHONTM 2013, now in its 17th year, is the biggest annual event organized by the VETERNAK and Zoologico Club of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM. This event is the biggest dog gathering in Malaysia, and it is a promised fun-filled day to all visitors.

DOGATHONTM 2013 is a charity drive with a mission to raise funds to aid the “Stray Animal Awareness” program and to assist the annual PROKASIH program. PRO-KASIH is a stray animal neutering project aimed at controlling the population of strays in a humane way. The history of DogathonTM started back in 1997 as a platform in addressing the issue of “Stray Dog Awareness.” It is one of the best ways where the society, alongside with their companion animals could either directly or indirectly play a part in addressing this issue. PRO-KASIH is currently involved in neutering stray cats in UPM and outreach programs in several schools.

Alright, after history explanation, i think i have to tell what is going to happen in this Dogathontm. It gives exposure to all breeds of dogs and their owners. They can  indulge in fun activities that have been stored for them, at same time being educated. Other than that, there will be stores selling a variety of pet-related products with reasonable promotion price! 

This year, there will exciting games awaiting the participants, engineered both four legged and two legged.
The main highlight of this event is the ‘DogathonTM Race’ where dogs and owners are required to run side by side for about 2.5 km in the cool early morning under the shady trees of UPM. This event has never failed to become a favorite to everyone who had attended DogathonTM before.You can see how well communication between you and your dogs. Some dog might afraid of drain cover when they have to pass by during their race , some run halfway only, some need owner to hug because of tired, some can run until the end! It is fun !

Every year, great games and activities for both dogs and owners have been a hallmark of each Dogathon TM edition. DogathonTM 2010 was very successful that the record resulted in “THE BIGGEST DOG GATHERING IN MALAYSIA” in the MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS by gathering a total number of 1100 dogs!!

The most important thing,

Date: 6th October 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 6:30am to 2:00pm
Venue: Bukit Ekspo, UPM Serdang
Theme: The Stone Age : After 33,000 years, the man-canine bond never ends!
Estimated number of participants: 4500 people and 1200 dogs

my dear readers and pets lover, remember mark down at your calendar after reading my post ok? 

Are you curious about games description ? Here it is :



“Sprint and strive with the ‘Dino’ of your house to a historical victory!” Chased by woolly mammoths, hunted by saber-toothed tigers, the earth is trembling and volcanoes are erupting. Hold your ground! As the world is ending and a new millennium is coming! Together with your ‘Dino’, RACE for a better tomorrow!


“A feast for the Caveman and his Ancient Dog!”
Risen up from the past, the caveman and his loyal companion start to hunt. Throughout the journey of a life time, they battled through mountains, rivers and valleys in order to be the fastest hunting duo of their time! Finish your food before the others steal your prey!

“Come one come all and master the Stonehenge Symphony! ’’
A game as old as civilization. A warrior and his trusty hound have to outsmart, outwit, and outplay the others. Bound only by the music of life, the pair put their friendship to test. Who will be the master of the Stonehenge Symphony?


“Chase and sprint! Bring The Flintstones back to their house on the Cobblestone Lane.”

Do you dare to challenge the revolutionized race? Come and show the prowess of your most royal companion and the ultimate cooperation between you two, sailing into the wind and save the lost Flintstones back to their snug little haven standing on the Cobblestones Lane. The three fastest racers of each round will have a chance to savour indulgently in the fabulous prizes from our sponsor!

“Pebbles, Pebbles where are you? Daddy and Mommy miss you!

Quick! Save Pebbles with your `Dino` from the rock jungle before she gets eaten by the saber-toothed tiger. Do not drop Pebbles or the tiger will drag her back to the rock jungle.


“Do you dare to challenge the Ancient Labyrinth?!”
Come and embark on a journey within the dimension of THE LOST WORLD! Filled with challenges for you and your best buddy, find your way out of the Ancient Labyrinth to emerge as the best of the best. So the question is... are you BEAST enough to face it?

“Save me! Save me! My dear DINO!”
You are LOST! Hide in one of the caves and send a SOS signal to your beloved Dino so that he can rescue you. Along a path full of tricks and treats, make sure “Dino” is able to bring you home safely. Attractive prizes by our sponsors await those who manage to escape within the given time.


“You can hide but you can’t run! Discover your dog’s spooktacular sixth sense!”

Can you see me? Hide in one of our spooky hiding places and see how fast your dog can find you! With distractions and temptations all around, your has to find you within time given to win the challenge and grab mysterious prizes from our sponsor.

“Conquer and rule the land of unclaimed!”
Venture into vast terrains and break through the “dangers” ahead. Conquer the Land of Unclaimed before the sun sets and win fantabulous prizes!

“Where the world of pre-historic begins....”
Fancy some stony excitement and adrenaline rush? Experience our historical theme park in The Rockin’ Cave! 7 exciting games are available to bring much fun and pleasure to you, your caveman family and caveman friends.


“Join the greats and leave your paws in the Book of History!”

The pioneers of the world have left their marks on the caves of old. So why don’t you join the greats and leave your marks on the Caves of Bedrock for eternity!

Instead of painting the picture on the wall of cave, now you are able to capture every single movement of you and your furry buddy! Share the sweet memories with DogathonTM 2013 and stand a chance to bring home prizes from our sponsor!

Here is some pictures i took last year

My Princess V

My Golden Dou Dou

And some pictures from their official facebook page Dogathon 2012

So? what are you waiting for? remember mark down the date 6th October 2013 at Bukit Ekspo in UPM serdang from 6.30am until 2pm ! It is Sunday, the lovely weekends belongs to you and your dogs!

Last but not least, some tips i can share with yours here:

Every dog must to go through physical examination (for FREE) before entering Dogathon and if your dog is qualified, you'll get our Dogathon goodies bag 

A tag will be given after the examination and your dog must be tagged through out the event period.

You have to proceed to the information counter to obtain the registration form.

-bring enough drinking water, for both yourself and your dog(s)

-foods or treats (biscuits, breads) for both yourself and your dog(s)

-have your full breakfast before heading to the event ,don't get faint in this event.

-NEVER bring cat or other species of pets, as they cant guarantee their safety on the day

-bring leash/chain for your dog(s)

-bring newspaper or plastic bags, to pick up feces in case your dog(s) poop, please be a responsible owner!

-bring cap/sunblock as it's gonna be a very sunny day

-bring camera to shoot nice photos of your and other nice doggies

-bring some cash because all stalls are only receive cash term and some activities need some chargers too.

- It is not recommended to bring in if your dog(s) on heat.

- Please always pay attention on your dog(s) health condition , they will easily get heat stroke under hot sun!

For further information, please visit Dogathontm official website - 

Hope to see you there =)

Information given by Dogathon publicity team.


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