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August 2, 2013

I am a lazy girl, like to keep my hair style pretty but doesn't want to put effort on maintenance. Bought a lot of hair mask, conditioner, serum and bla bla bla... but i never use it, all my hair stylists are always scolded me, because i don't even want to spend a minute to do this such long procedure maintenance (yes for me) . I am always do hair color, touch up, rebonding, curling all those chemical things on my hair, treatment once at saloon after these chemical procedure is not good enough for me, my hair is damaged because i didn't put some 'vitamin' on it. 

Last month, i was change my hair stylist and salon, pay visit to the new one - Number76 . You can check back my previous post, i am so in love with their service and thumbs up for my awesome hair stylist Yoshi san =)

I did rebonding and color in last month, one month later, i need to do another treatment so i can keep my hair looks alive and fresh. Called and Booked in end of July, that time i wasn't know what is the next promotion for August. Today i went there with my sister, Oh No! such a surprise for me! the treatment i want to do today is on promotion!!! hurray!!! What's treatment is that? 

It is the signature hair treatment in their saloon and they called it as 'magic treatment' .

- Ultra Sonic Hair Treatment -

You can't find this treatment in other saloon, they are the only ONE in Malaysia.

( picture from number76 official website)

 It has an enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair.Ultrasonic hair iron, vibrating at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment and help it to penetrate deep inside your hair.

Do you think that ultrasonic is heated like normal hair iron?
No, It is not hot as there is no iron plate to be heated. It is cold. It vibrates the cells of your hair and helps penetrating treatment go deep into your hair.It is noo burden on your hair because It is not necessary to open hair cuticles or swell your hair in order to penetrate treatment.
I did Tansan before ultrasonic treatment, my scalp is very itchy and sensitive again, i need Tansan to clean my scalp very clearly. After that, starting the ultrasonic treatment. Firstly, wash your hair and apply their treatment cream on my hair , and then use the magic iron and do it like rebonding, and last step is massage my hair gently and comfy before go to wash off. It is faster than normal treatment. 

See , my hair is so so so smoothly and silky! 
Normally treatment can keep your hair smooth for few days or a week may be but ultrasonic treatment can keep your hair smooth and silky for a month , definitely you will love it and crazy for it if you give it a try. 

So happy with healthy hair =)

The most important part , please pay attention here:

They are having promotion for our signature hair treatment, Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment as well. It will be at RM168 (normal price- RM250). Very Very Very great offer!They are rarely have promotion for Ultra Sonic treatment, Ultra Sonic promotion is valid for all 3 branches (Mid Valley, Bangsar and Mont Kiara branch)

Alright, it's time to go for my brunch after treatment! 

See you!

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