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August 9, 2013

Walk around Sephora to do some research for my new nail colors, all the while i bought Chanel nail colors only but last week was received newsletter from Sephora, found out something colors that i wish to have but can't find in Chanel.

Nails inc. feathers , is a funny unique nail color, as the name said ~ feather ~ 
This ultratrendy, long-wearing formulation features tiny feather-like particles in complimentary colors to create a quill effect on the nails. Perfect for adding a pop of color to your spring or summer ensemble, the unique feather bottle and feather print cap make these must-have shades for all. Wear two to three coats to build full coverage or apply directly over a base color for a smooth look. 

Is it really long wearing with this feather effect?
I am cake designer so i requested all my nail colors have to be long lasting, because my hand is always busy to bake and decorate cake.
This feathers nail color is really long lasting =)

There have four colors of these but i choose york color , soft color .

Another nail color brand i found out is Ciate from London. No idea with this brand?
But if i say...caviar manicure ? Caviar = pearly on nails 
uh huh....this is the brand which launch caviar manicure. For my first try, i bought the silver color and purple color, oh i really like their colors! 

Alright, here is my "experiment" of these 2 products.

First layer of feathers nail color , looks so ...hmm.... 
feathers nail color is transparent, but i don't wanna apply it on color for my first try, so have to apply more layers.
Besides that, Ciate silver nail color is easy and smoothly apply , this is first layer too but looks good.

I applied 3 layers of the feathers nail color and 2 layers of silver nail color, after that apply top coat.

Done !

Doesn't need to go nails care center but you can create your unique nails design at home with easy way. =)

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