Golden Dou Dou's birthday in year 2013

August 22, 2013

Golden Dou Dou : mummy, why i need to wear this flower crown?

To my beloved Dou Dou, this is your accessory of your birthday celebration LOL! I spent few hours to make this and purposely is for her birthday, to make some different compare with last year (the bees costume hehehe...) . Dou Dou's fur color is light golden so i believe she will looks prettiest when wearing this colorful flower crown. =)

* will blog the method of making this when i free*

Golden Dou Dou : but with wings too?!!

Oops i bought the wrong size for her , i think.... this is too small hahaha!

She knew her birthday celebration , smile till eyes closed.

NG pose : Princess V was not really in the mood yet when she saw all peoples were trying to ask Dou Dou smile ..... take picture..... pretty...pretty...keep saying pretty to Dou Dou but not her. 

Few minutes later, finally got one nicer photo of them.

Oh my pretty Dou Dou! Love you deep deep! 

 We celebrate their birthday every year , because they are our family members too, don't said we are crazy ok? we just wanna try out best to treat them good, take good care of them in their life, although their life is shorter than us but isn't good to give them a wonderful life?

Her birthday cake 
She loves swimming, so this is my idea and of course made by me.

Birthday cake by Dogelicious 

This is a cream cake, a pumpkin cake with purple sweet potato filling. God, they loves it so so so much!

If you are interested, please contact Dogelicious Doggie Treats  or email to for further details.

My sister keep fooling her ==!
See my stupid daughter, thought she can eat like that.

Princess V : i only care about the cake, when can eat??

Happy barkday my beloved Dou Dou ! 

Mummy and family

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