My Precious Golden Dou Dou's birthday, Let's get wet!

August 21, 2013

Last Saturday, 17th of August.

It's a beautiful day and also is my precious daughter Golden Dou Dou's 3rd barkday.
Times flies, still remember how cute she is when first time join into our family, how to bully Princess V even though that time she is only 3 months, how to suffering after her hips surgery. God bless, everything is fine now but just because i only let her to do one leg surgery, so i need to take very good care on her another leg, can't getting fatter! (but sigh...she is doing right now ==!)

She is getting fatter and fattier after spay, so i must bring her go to exercise. She loves swimming, no doubt i will bring her go before her birthday. =)

Luckily that day is a sunny day! Let's get wet!

She seems so tired before touch water? hehe...she just finish workout from treadmill. 

Hey, what's up?

Yahoo! feel so good to swim in a hot hot day.

after half an hour, started to ask me pamper her.

Yeah...this is the pool where we swim.

This is the smaller one.

My princess, can you please don't keep follow me?

I bring the balls for her.

want to play?

no? then i play on you =P
Golden Dou Dou : Mummy can you don't bully me?

Golden fish, LOL!

Princess V is swimming too, she is the speedboat.

See...she comes again ...

This fella was non stop trying to escape from this pool.

Yippee! break pool prison!

Golden Dou Dou : oh no, don't look at my butt! ;P
* i love this picture *

such a lovely picture, i like this. =)

Happy family * love * 
( Golden Dou Dou, Princess V and me)

wanna ask me where is this?
The owner said have to keep a low profile due to some issue, so you can message me or email to me if you wanna know where is it. 

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