number number number 32!

September 2, 2013

Number tee is on the trend now, you can see different numeric every where. On trend now meanings that you have 80% chances to same clothes with other people when you doing your shopping, dining, outing bla bla bla...

So, make some different on your style like wearing funky necklace or jacket. For me, i did the first option before which is wearing shocking pink funky necklace with my white number tee, so i will choose the second option for this time. 

Bomber jacket is another trend now, Skort is the star product of ZARA right now , so i mix and match with my dark grey number tee and my maisie shoes.

Maisie shoes which shipped from Topshop UK.

Please ignore my sick face, i was so sick in that day. =(

My numeric tee No32

Lipstick color - Sephora rouge shine lipstick No 14 love spell.

< OOTD >
Numeric Tees - Zara 
Bomber Jacket - Zara
Skort - Zara
Maisie Shoes - Topshop

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