Day 2 in Penang ~ Let's chase the wall art!

September 25, 2013

Day 2 
We decided have a morning swim and breakfast before go out, too bad we wake up a bit late, so morning swim change to afternoon swim, so hot and big big sun!!!!!

 My darlingsssss

I am now looks so tan after this swim ==!

Swimwear - Topshop

We went for tyre service center to change a new tyre, after that we go for food hunting because it's already 4pm! we were so so hungry. 

Got some food recommendation from another blogger, it is located at Air Itam Market Pasar Road, it is a stall beside road so they have no name. 
We tried their Asam Laksa, rojak and duck meat hor fun, taste not bad, may be we were too hungry? haha! You can give a try on this, 
GPS coordinates : N 5 24.072E 100 16.673

Wall art hunting started!!! three of us were chasing these wall art street by street under big sun although that time already 5pm.

One of the famous wall art - sister brother on a bicycle at Armenian Street.
Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is leaving his mark with beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown. 

Another famous wall art - Boy on bike at Ah Quee Street.

Very sad to see this, another famous and touching wall art but... already damaged by peoples and rains. It's actually is a little boy with pet dinosaur but the dinosaur was run away =(
at Ah Quee Street also, just besides of Boy on bike.

I think this is the one of reason that create these artwork by iron to avoid damage.

Reaching up at Cannon Street.
Kid, what you want to see through that hole huh??? *naughty mind*

Slam dunk , i wish to act to but i am wearing a skirt, so pretend la~~~

Funny street name, and you can find the wall art (picture below) in this lane.

swing swing swing, let's see who swing the highest? but... little girl, your swing is over weight.

Little girl in blue at Muntri Street.

The awaiting Trishaw Paddler at Penang road.

This is the map of wall art Penang, click here.

Please do appreciate this artist to leaves so many beautiful, meaningful and funny art work in our country, please do not damage it and love it ok!!!

He is the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic.

< OOTD >
Cropped tees - Bershka
Yellow Skirt - H&M
Gold necklace - H&M
Sandals - Zara

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