Day 2 in Bangkok

September 20, 2013

- Second day -
At BTS station, waiting and ready to go Chatuchak (the largest weekends market in world as they said).
To go there, take BTS and get off at Mo Chit station.

I didn't take picture at Chatuchak because incident happened again, arghhhh!!! why can't give me a peaceful holiday?!! 

Coconut ice cream

When reach there, the weather is still good with sun, after i go in to market, suddenly i heard loudly rain drop sound, Oh My! rain very heavy suddenly. At first we don't care about the rain because we were busy shopping, but... rain getting heavier and water comes into market and our shoes all in wet! How?!! we had been waiting at there for half an hour , and finally we decided run over to another section under rain. After shopping all, rain stopped, we immediately want to leave and going to BTS station. When we walk to the main road, another 'Oh My' out from my mouth, whole road in flood!!! height is on my knee,we can't cross over the road and get to BTS station but lucky there still have MRT station at another side, we finally leave from this trouble place. whewww~~~~ busy trouble morning!

Anyway, if you are looking for cheap things to buy but don't wish to walk like market, you can go to Platinum mall which is whole mall with air-con, and their fashion is nicer , you can do your shopping in comfortable environment.

This is our dinner.
MK steamboat, the famous and largest steamboat restaurant in Thailand. 

Love shape ice, so sweet.

Their food is very fresh.

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MK steamboat restaurant

For dessert lovers, you must visit this cafe. It is superb hot in Bangkok now, Mr.Jones Orphanage cafe. They are famous with their interior design and decoration, this cafe is decorate by a lots of bear bear, wood trains, dessert bar, to make you feel like in a fairy tales world.

Bear Bear butt =P

Long long queue always.

Wao!! all desserts on the table.

Chocolate mud cake

Banana bread  

Passion fruit berries cake

Carrot and date cake

With very wonderful environment, food is good also, but a little costly if you are thinking everything is quite cheap in Bangkok. We ordered all dessert as above, and the bill is 1300BHT. But this is strongly recommendation!

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Mr.Jones Orphanage Cafe
Closed at 10pm.

Comics Exhibition at Terminal 21.

We spend whole day in shopping, so no much picture to show up. Our trip is only 3D2N, quite short and not enough time to visit outskirts places, will plan to visit Bangkok again very soon.

 < OOTD >
Tops - Topshop
Sandals - Zara
Leather chain cap - OATW
Bag - Banana Taipei

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