Day 1 in Bangkok

September 18, 2013

916 , is Malaysia Day and it's fall on Monday, so that's a excited news for people who are working, because it is continuous 3 days holiday , my brother suggested travel to Bangkok during this holidays, 3D2N is too short but for me, the fastest and efficient shopaholic, more than enough ,haha! 

I take my flight with my holiday excited mood, but too bad the weather is not too good in our journey, airplane keep shaking shaking in 2 hours journey, i started to feel headache and feeling not so well. Finally we were arrived at Bangkok, took expensive cab (700 BHT, read my post and you will know why i said this cab is expensive) , driver told us estimation time to reach our hotel is about 45 mins to 1 hour from airport, but too bad again, we stuck in real bad jam, car can't really move on and we took 2 hours to reach hotel! this time i am really in bad headache!

Alright, don't talk about my tiring airport experience. Let's see my hotel, this is the front view, my hotel is Galleria 10, the design of hotel is chic and trendy, located at Sukhumvit Soi 10, which is just opposite of Terminal 21 Shopping Center. It is only 5 minutes walk to reach BTS Asok sky train station or Sukhumvit MRT station and of course Terminal 21 also! That is really great location!

@g Restaurant, we can having our breakfast buffet here and it is complimentary !

They provide buggy service to fetch visitors going out from hotel to main road. 

My room , simple but modern design.

Tea and Coffee Facilities

40 inches LCD and working area. Wi-Fi is available for every room.

Walk- in Rain shower room.

 After we settle down, time is 5pm (Bangkok time; Malaysia time is 6pm) it's quite late for lunch so we decided go for dinner asap , hungry hungry very hungry!!!

Our dinner place at Asiatique The Riverfront, this is the hottest visit point in Bangkok recently, just opened on May 2012 strongly recommend to you and must go there please, you will not regret it.

The way to Asiatique The Riverfront : Take BTS to Saphan Taksin , go to take free ferry ( if you don't know where is the pier, please ask friendly BTS officer, they will guide you.) 

There is another bad thing happened, there are 2 piers, one is at right , another is at the left and i choose my right hand side which is Sathom Pier , it is wrong because this ferry is fetching us to opposite river but not Asiatique The Riverfront. We have to pay 70BHT as cross-river fees and need to wait the next ferry to fetch us back to the point and take that free ferry. The lady boss was offer a speed boat to fetch us directly from there to Asiatique but 100BHT for each person, i know this is not a good offer but we all really very hungry, so...get up to the speed boat at the end.

Okies, this is so called "speed boat" ==!!!

Actually it is sampan but with motor, speed really fast but too scary. 15 minutes journey, i got no mood to enjoy night view of this Chao Phraya River, my another "awesome" experience in first day at Bangkok.

When you see this ferris wheel, you are reach the destination.=)

Baan Khanitha, the first restaurant when we out from the boat, immediately this is my first choice for dinner and i love their interior design, whole in white.

Must order item , sorry i forgot the name but it is taste very good!

Taste nice lemongrass juice.

Watermelon juice can cure my bad headache, yum! so juicy!

Pad Thai

Scallop in Black pepper 

Tom yam soup, looks clear but taste good and spicy.

Always is my favorite thai dish, steam sea bass with lime and spicy sauce. Superb!
We are all very very satisfied with this restaurant, very nice. Price is not so costly , spent 3300 BHT.

Old style train for short distance view of visitors.

So beautiful.

NaRaYa, the famous brand to selling ribbon bags in Thailand. It is famous until all travelers will buy this as souvenirs , it is already a trademark and represent Thailand. Why? Who can resist beautiful ribbon bag with very low price?!! The smallest bag is only selling 190BHT , before i bring my mother go in, i said : "you must be gone case when go inside" and my mother told me she will not.

The next second, she already spent 3000BHT ==!! 

See, what you can see in NaRaYa shops beside of bags is people and people,crowded and crowded! If you are interested to buy , i suggest to go Asiatique The Riverfront or The Emporium branch, please don't go to Central World branch because there are always line queue out from the shop and not much ready stocks. If you still feel not enough after visit it, you still can shopping at airport, they do have a branch in airport and no crowded , you can pick your bag slowly.

Ash green metallic art presenter.

Mini colorful guitars.

Dining district 

Artistic garden at Siam Paragon.

You can't find my picture in this post because i am in very bad make up and bad hair after tiring flight, cab and ferry. 

That is not the end of my day, this is my another "awesome" experience . When we back to hotel, my dad found he can't open his door. We called receptionist, technician is off at that hour ( it's already midnight 12am) , they sent some staff come to check and found the door lock no battery, so it can't detect the door card. Oh My Godness! you are really fooling me! My dad and mum were impatiently  waiting the problem solves but one hour gone, they still unable to fix it. I can see they are really in panic and make so many calls to ask for help and try their very best to fix it. My dad don't wanna wait in our room, he is in angry, we all are smelly and sweating after this long day and wish to go shower asap but too bad, this rare incident happened in our trip. Seriously, i never heard this case happened before, are we too lucky?!! 15 minutes gone again, they were finally fed up and decided to drill holes on door . I thought it is only take few minutes to done, but.... another 15 minutes gone, haven't drill the holes! They afraid if drill wrongly place, it still can't open the door. Wait and wait... finally door was open and they changed the biggest room for my parents immediately. Although this bad thing happened but we satisfied with their immediately services. For sure , this hotel is the only choices for my future Bangkok trip .

- Tips -
BTS = sky train
* Please do not take taxi or bus because Bangkok traffic is very very bad, traffic jam in any times.

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Galleria 10 Hotel

21, Sukhumvit Soi 10,

Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey - BANGKOK THAILAND 

Tel : +66 2 615 0999 
Fax : +66 2 615 0990 

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