Official launch of PFC Studio exclusive distributorship of Sanctband Active

May 29, 2017

I’ve been away from my exercise routine for a long time and now want to return to form. To avoid i might getting overly sore or injured, i have to keep intensity low, cannot go heavy so fast. So i need versatile tool to help me adjust tension levels to suit a wide variety of exercises, I've been searching it for quite a while until i tried Sanctband Active during the Under Armour event. 
Sanctband Active have higher reputation on producing low protein and powder free latex resistive bands and tubings of the highest quality. Their products are widely used for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, specific population needs, pilots, exercise and fitness and athletic conditioning. Extra durable and eco friendly, Sanctband Active Resistive products have passed stringent durability testing of 10000 stretches to ensure the high quality, excellent elongation and elasticity without distortion or breakage. Also, they have their own in-house Green Initiative Programme. 
PFC Studio proudly announces itself as the exclusive distributor of Sanctband Active Malaysia products. As they are mainly focus on fitness education, personal training, sports performance and post rehabilitation, so Sanctband Active believe that they have the skills and calibre to bring Sanctband Active further. 
  Why we need resistive bands?   
Do you know postural problems are very common these days due to the sedentary lifestyle for example, too much sitting, or forced our bodies to adapt in a way while using computer/ mobile phones. Hence, this is where resistive bands come into play with its ability to alleviate the effects of our lifestyle. 
Sanctband Active Resistive bands is one of the most popular and versatile products, the widespread applications of the bands can be used from all walks of life. Whether you are trying to build strength or muscle, rehabilitate an injury and athletic conditioning. The bands are convenient in the sense you can use it practically anywhere anytime! It can be gripped at any point, any length, can be hand held, wrapped around the feet, or even anchored to a door, making it very easy to adjust tension levels to suit a wide variety of exercises. You don't have to go gym but can be sure to get a good workout with the wide range of different resistive band elasticity even though you at home. 
Powder on band is actually used to prevent latex stickiness and latex allergy. The powder content of Sanctband Active products is significantly lower than other brands, it is designed to tackle the issues of dissatisfaction of conventional powdery resistive bands. By creating latex resistive bands that are low in powder and protein content, Sanctband Active products have successfully improved concern and put latex allergy fears to rest. Consumer no longer to afraid of unsightly stains and smudges on clothing and hands. 
Last week, I was at the Official launch of PFC Studio exclusive distributorship of Sanctband Active. Sorry for my bitchy face because i can't smile at all when i try to pull this super loop band to the maximum length. 
 Guess what is the purpose of this picture to showing my feet? Check picture below LOL! 
 This is the hardest pose among all during the workout, i can't feel my leg anymore hahaha~ 
Sweat a lot after i stretch with Sanctband Active band as much as i can, my muscles are ready to work after that. =) 
You can now purchase Sanctband Active products at PFC Studio or their online store. 
For more information , kindly visit PFC Studio's website and Facebook
PFC Studio 
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