El Gusto de Espana @ The BAR°N, Pork Creations ft. The Finest Iberico from Spain

May 2, 2017

In Malaysia, i found a bit hard to mapped out wine-savvy restaurants across the country with essential pairing picks and dining trends. 
The BAR°N is one of my favourite wine-savvy restaurant, they offer a wide range of old and new world wines sourced from reputable vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, France, USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Germany. Wine Ambassadors are on hand every evening to assist guests in their selection of wine, to pair with their food or simply for social drinking. 
Aside from wine, The BAR°N offers guests an extensive menu of alcoholic beverages, with fresh from the tap beers, liquor and delightful cocktails, alongside a culinary menu offering small plates to mains.
 Totally have 3 outlets in Malaysia - 1 Mont Kiara, Pavilion KL and at Gurney Plaza Penang.
Cosy, classy interiors with the perfect ambience for busy executives to destress, network or to socialise.
This time is my third time to visit The BAR°N, yeah~ i am purposely come for their porky creations which featuring the finest Ibérico from Spain! 
Click here for my food review at Mont Kiara outlet. 
Click here for my food review at Pavilion outlet. 
El Gusto de Espana is a Limited-Time Offer promotion at The BAR°N @1Mont Kiara, @Pavilion KL and @Gurney Plaza from 8 May till 15 July 2017. 
The promotion will feature five unique cuisine created with Ibérico de Belotta pork imported from Spain.
  | What is Ibérico pork? |  
It is one of the most distinct and sought after meats in the world and refers to black Iberian pigs bred in sparse, large acreages of ancient oak forests (called ‘dehesas’) in the Iberian Belt of Spain. The black-hoofed, purebred Iberian pigs (also known as Pata Negra) roam the dehesas freely, feeding naturally on superior Holm Oak Tree Acorns. The daily exercise derived from the search of acorns burns away more calories than confined pigs, and allows for fats to infiltrate the pig's muscular tissue giving it its rich marbling and distinct silky, nutty, mono saturated fats that’s high in oleic acid, while the naturally healthy diet provides great nutrition for optimal development of an Iberian pig. At least a hectare of healthy dehesa is needed to raise a single pig
By Spanish law, Ibérico pigs must achieve 40% of its weight by feeding on these types of acorns to be labelled as 100% purebred Ibérico de Belotta.
Ibérico Solomillo (Tenderloin) Carpaccio   RM48
One of the most tender Iberico cut best appreciated for its fine marbling and texture. My favourite among all! It's like sashimi, taste doesn't too porky as i thought i am eating beef, best paired with good wine. ^^

Ibérico Magro RM38
An exceptional boneless rib cut that combines texture with the rich remarkable flavours of Iberico. So delicious and I couldn't stop eating it! 

Ibérico Presa RM58
The wagyu of porcine world. This shoulder cut is packed with immense flavour and impeccably matched with all-natural free range ingredients. Finished with Spanish Sea Salt. The flavors are addictive, and the meat is so tender, juicy and easy to chew.

Ibérico Costilla (Spare Ribs)   RM68
The intensely juicy acorn-rich Iberico ribs loved for its juicy, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
This one is served without sauce, the way Spaniards like it. 
This is served in secret homemade sauce or secret spicy homemade sauce. 
Iberico Jamon   RM35
Cured for over 36 months, the 100% Black Label Iberico de Belotta is known to be the finest ham in the World.

 The BAR°N Food and Beverage Menu. 
Aside from porky dishes, The BAR°N also offer the freshest oyster from different country's sea such as USA, Japan etc. Personally prefer Kumamoto oyster from Japan, i don't like to eat oyster so Kumamoto with a mild brininess and slightly sweet flavor is more suitable to me. 
Thanks to The BAR°N for inviting me and my friend to enjoy the pork feast! 
All these premium pork dishes are so tempting right? Now you can book for their all you can buffet and enjoy as much as you can eat!!! 
The BAR°N El Gusto de Espana EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN 
Date : 7 May 2017, Sunday
Venue : The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara
Time : 5pm – 9pm
Price : RM188+ with 3 glasses of beer or wine
           RM88 for children below 12 years old
In El Gusto de Espana EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN, The BAR°N will be serving Iberico de Belotta Presa (shoulder cut), Solomillo (tenderloin), Costilla (ribs), Magro and LIVE carving of Iberico Jamon by a Spanish Cortador, including a selection of other food. 
Promo : For every 10 tickets purchased, The BAR°N will give away one free entrance ticket which also include 3 free glasses of beer or wine.
To purchase entrance passes, kindly contact The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara or The BAR°N @Pavilion KL.
Outlets : 
The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara
Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara. 
Tel : +603- 6211 5620
The BAR°N @Pavilion KL 
Level 4 Connection, Pavilion KL. 
Tel : +603- 2110 3223
The BAR°N @Gurney Plaza
Ground Floor, Al Fresco, Gurney Plaza. 
Tel : +604- 229 0763
Operation Hours : 11.00am till 1.00am DAILY
Live Band Performance : Every Friday night (1 Mont Kiara), Every Thursday and Friday nights (Pavilion KL)
Website : www.thebarn.com.my

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