When Mango meet Nutella, Caffe Bene Latest Seasonal Menu Mangotella

May 3, 2017

Korean wave had hit us in many ways, from beauty, fashion, drama, music to foods, alright i am one of the "victim" too LOL! One thing that we are sure can't enough is that delicious Korean food especially their delicious Bingsu! We we are living in tropical country, we cannot complain about our thirsty and dehydrated soul when the sky is almost always sunny and hot! So i love to explore some nice places when i thought up the tasty treat such as a bowl of Korean dessert that can cool me down in seconds! 
In this summer, Caffe Bene has just launched the latest seasonal menu Mangotella which is the dream combination of mango and Nutella!  
Mango and Nutella, can there ever be 2 more delicious things? The best quality mangoes is in summer, can you imagine the deliciously sweet and flavoursome fresh mangoes with the delicious nutella melting into the mouth? Yummy!
Bringing both Mango lovers and Nutella lovers together, the Mangotella series is sure melt your heart straightaway. Introducing the 4 NEW seasonal items and also 2 NEW Gelato flavors, Caffe Bene fans have much to rejoice. 
Mangotella Bingsu    RM29.90
Bringing the dream combination for both Mango and Nutella lovers with Mangotella Bingsu. Icy cold Bingsu with Nutella, Mixed Nuts and Cookies Crumble base before finishing it with sweet mango cubes and topped with their seasonal Nutella gelato. 
I love this the most! I not really dare to eat mango dessert because i scare the sour taste of mango. Feel so good when i found this fresh mango is sweet, it elevates the taste to an altogether different level. However, Nutella gelato melts too quickly and not in rich flavour.
Mango Yogurt Bingsu   RM29.90 
If you are on diet plan or dislike Nutella, this might be your choice. Similar to Mangotella Bingsu, Mango Yogurt Bingsu topped with juicy mango cubes and Yogurt Gelato instead of Nutella Gelato.
Mango lovers will be delighted to dig into sweet icy dessert, perfect for the Mango Lover on a hot sunny day.
Mangotella Waffle   RM17.90
Warm Belgium waffle topped with sweet mango chunks, almond slices and Yogurt gelato. Drizzled with decadent Nutella sauce by yourself.
Mangotella Smoothie   RM11.90
A smooth creamy drink with the unique combination of sweet Mango and indulgent Nutella.
The portion of Bingsu is always very good for sharing. I've found the perfect way to make my insides delightfully and childishly cold these few months, Mangotella menu will be available from now until June 2017, hurry up and head over to all Caffe Bene outlets nationwide to cool off yourself!
Find the closest Caffé Bené outlet at http://caffebene.com.my/outlets
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