Bowie's Breakfast Recipe : BOH Green Tea Fuwa Fuwa with Osmanthus Honey

May 28, 2017

Hey guys, last week i was so busy to prepare recipe for cooking/ baking competition. You should know that i was joining a breakfast menu competition too if you are my Instagram's follower. 
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Green Tea Latte is my all-time-favourite, because there was a magic ingredient that boosts your metabolism, spikes your energy levels, wards off nasty hangovers, and even fights cancer. Since it has so many awesome benefits, it is one of the hottest food trend now. 
Filled with smooth and creamy goodness, BOH Green Tea Latte is made with authentic and all natural Japanese Matcha powder. It is also infused with Stevia Leaf Extract, for a healthier indulgence for you. BOH Green Tea Latte also lets you to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home or office.
BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) would like to promote the importance of breakfast among Malaysians as well as showcase the versatility of the BOH Green Tea Latte. Hence, i am invited to join BOH GTL Breakfast Search competition, to come up with a breakfast menu using the BOH Green Tea Latte as a base ingredient. Also, will be competing with 4 other contenders. If you love my picture love my recipe love my everything, please vote me ok! =P
I will incorporating BOH Green Tea Latte into my baking to create a healthy and scrumptious breakfast. It had been a while since I’d had pancakes for breakfast, I recently had souffle pancake during cafe-hopping and i love it so so much! So excited couldn’t wait to start experimenting and create this fluffy souffle pancake by using BOH Green Tea Latte! 
Here is my "Bowie's Recipe". =)
 Step 1
  Step 2
 Step 3
  Step 4
  Step 5
Step 7
Ta~daa~~~ beautiful? All done by me! 
FYI, Fuwa Fuwa is Japanese souffle pancake which is incredibly airy, fluffy and delicious. 
This is such a great breakfast treat while that Osmanthus honey has a refreshing fragrance and beneficial for detoxification & relieves bad breath.
   Important tips    
- The Japanese mayonnaise is the key ingredient to makes it the fluffy texture.
- Please don't whisk/ stir the batter after add in egg whites! Only can fold it by spatula!
- You can add whatever toppings you like such as Ice cream/ maple syrup/ banana/ red bean...
I know it is very difficult to find osmanthus sugar in market, so i'm actually D.I.Y and for those who are interested to make it, just follow the simple steps as below :
   How To Make Osmanthus Honey   
1. Add one layer of white sugar. (about 1cm per layer)
2. Then add a layer of osmanthus flowers.
3. Repeat the 1st & 2nd steps until you’ve fill in whole jar. Try to distribute the ingredients evenly among the different layers and make sure the last layer is sugar.
4. Press to make the content in the jar more compact.
5. Close the jar and store it in normal room temperature for 1 week. You'll find that the content has become more liquid. Your osmanthus sugar is ready!
Awww~~ My pancakes were seriously moist, delicate, wonderfully fragrant with my most favourite osmanthus scent! What is better than have an antioxidant and tastes amazingly tasty breakfast everyday? It can keep your tummy full and satisfied for a morning time. 
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