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May 24, 2017

May be Malaysian is not familiar with the Korean skincare brand GUERISSON, but it is actually one of the top skincare brand in Korea. 
Recently, GUERISSON has appointed world renowned Korean celebrity Lee Kwang Soo as their brand's ambassador. Lee Kwang-soo is one of the member of the popular Korean variety show- Running Man. His most notable nicknames on the show include "giraffe" , "Kwangvatar" and he has earned himself other nicknames like "Prince of Asia" and “God of Variety”, due to his huge fan base all over Asia. 
He was coming to Pavilion for GUERISSON's new skincare line - Red Ginseng Series launch event on 29th April, also provided golden chances to 100 selected lucky Malaysian fans to meet him in person, get his autographs and free GUERISSON products.
I'm so excited when received media invitation because I am big fan of Lee Kwang Soo!!!!
There are several product series of GUERISSON were displayed at the Red Ginseng Series launch event, including their famous Cloud series and award-winning and bestseller product - GUERISSON 9Complex Horse Oil. GUERISSON multitude international success derived from 9Complex Horse Oil Cream that utilises modern dermatological technology combined with Korean traditional medicinal method to maximise the effectiveness of horse oil. From there, GUERISSON recent achievements have been First Brand Award 2016 & Sure Beauty Award 2016. If you don't know, you should check this out as it is very famous in Korea. 
 GUERISSON Red Ginseng Series has the synergy between German Horse Oil and Korean Red Ginseng to improve level of absorption and its ability to penetrate skin easily. My skin gets irritated easily recently, my skin become red and flushes easily. I took few weeks to review all products of this series and i found this series can use on my easily irritated skin. 
GUERISSON Red Ginseng Skin Essence 
Infused with intensive skin moisturising horse oil and youth energy complex red ginseng, the skin essence helps to achieve younger looking skin with strong double skin barrier. Contains small active ingredients particles (micelles), it penetrates deeper into the skin and makes skin smooth and supple. 
Generally speaking, this essence is a water-based liquid with a thicker consistency, but easily absorbed through the skin without leave a sticky touch. One thing I loved about this series that may not be for everyone is the ginseng scent it has.
Apply gently onto skin as the 1st step of skincare routine, after washing face in the morning and evening.
 GUERISSON Red Ginseng Cream
The combination of the potency of horse oil and the vitality of red ginseng roots adds strength to skin. This cream deals with complicated skin concerns caused by external irritants. It deeply nourishes skin and strengthens skin barriers to make skin healthier. The butter-like texture melts on skin helps to deeply nourishes and moisturises skin, at the same time to add glow to the skin. 
Compare to their 9Complex Horse Oil, the texture of this is lighter. It does really nourishes and moisturises my sensitive skin, which work to perfection without leaving a greasy feel. 
Look at my picture as above, I got a clear glowing skin naturally after applied red ginseng cream, it happens in seconds! My face really did look younger and more radiant as you can see it does lift my cheeks a little bit so I look more energetic than before. 
Apply gently onto skin as the last step of your skincare routine. 
 GUERISSON Red Ginseng Eyecream
The aluminium laminated tub prevents the destruction of active ingredients and helps to ensure stability in carrying active ingredients into skin. As the texture has 3-dimensional polymer protein, it stays on the surface of aging skin and improves skin around the eyes. 
The best thing is this eye cream can be apply around the eyes as well as other wrinkly or dark spots on the face!
After washing face in the morning and night, apply an appropriate amount onto skin around the eyes and other wrinkly spots.
Price range of GUERISSON Red Ginseng series from RM149 - RM169.
GUERISSON products are available exclusively at all SaSa outlets. For more information, please visit SaSa Facebook

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