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May 15, 2017

Maybe you're wondering why i seems like not working too hard but always eating great food and drinks. LOL! Of course, am not that rich person that allows me enjoy life like this especially during this economy slow-down in this 2 years. Even though you want to enjoy a very simple brunch in a cafe, it might cost you more than RM35. When you talk about alcohol, we all know the alcohol prices in Malaysia have increased significantly and it's like burning a big hole in pocket if you are not a smart consumer.
As The Entertainer app user, I am able to get access to many uncountable great deals such as Buy 1 Free 1 Main dishes and drinks offers. That is my smart eating tips for you all, the key to save more is to search for the great deals!
With The Entertainer app, there are over 1200 Buy One Get One Free offers for the foods and drinks, attractions, leisure activities, spas, hotel accommodation and more, providing customers with exclusive savings in the country’s most celebrated venues.
This year, the ENTERTAINER is pleased to introduce Cheers Malaysia 2017, which includes 1-for-1 offers exclusively redeemable on drinks in the hottest bars and restaurants.
Offers range from single beverages to bottles of wine / spirits / buckets of beer, double cocktails, pitchers and more. Popular venues include COMO, Torii, Goldbar, Myra's and more. 
GOSH!!! I spotted a lot of my favourite bars and restaurants in the list! Usually I will spend more than RM100/pax for my dinner and drinks at Torii but now I save more to enjoy at all these high-end restaurants because of this Cheers Malaysia 2017 by The Entertainer App deals.
Last week, I was searching for a new hang-out place with my foodie friends. We went to Fire and Ice at Changkat Bukit Bintang as this pub is one in the list of merchants on The Entertainer Malaysia 2017 edition. So what I needed to do is just inform the merchant that I am Entertainer app user, then click onto the voucher which available for this merchant and redeem it by entering my pin code.
Fire and Ice  is a newly established 2-storey pub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur - Changkat, Bukit Bintang.

The Promoter behind Fire and Ice is Artam Events. Its founder & creator King Lhota originally from Senegal, made strong roots in Malaysia's nightlife circles, not only as an Events/Club promoter but as well as a Male Vocalist. Today - Artam Events is one of the largest Event/Promoters based in Kuala Lumpur, with its own dedicated team of managers, deejays & ambassadors.
Their ground floor is a bar where people can enjoy the live band from Tuesday to Sunday together with a DJ on the decks. They offers open format music from RnB, Edm to Commercial music. 
Besides of live music and wide variety of alcohol (from spirits to classic cocktails and shots), they also serve contemporary food. 
Let's see what we had on that night!
 Fire N ice tea RM28
Wet dream RM25
This is a refreshing cocktail which is more suitable for ladies as the taste is smooth and orangey.
 Whiskey frappe RM26
Tuscan Steak Salad RM20
 Tahini Grilled Chicken RM18
Grilled Halibut Fish RM32
Seasonal halibut fish with herbs and served with mashed potato, this light-textured white fish is perfectly grilled and tender.
 Tenderloin Steak RM26
The steak is tender, flavorful and juicy.
 Rosemary Parmesan Crusted Chicken RM22
 Jamaican Jumbo Prawn RM32
Beef stroganoff RM20

The cocktails are highly recommended and this is a good place for chill-out and relax with their live band music.
Fire and Ice's open hours: 3pm - 3am, Monday to Sunday
The ENTERTAINER Malaysia 2017 is priced at RM145, you can purchase directly from the website or through the ENTERTAINER App. 
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With this promo key codes, you will get RM65 discount so the App is only cost RM80 instead of RM145. Then you can enjoy OVER 1200 Buy One Free One deals and Cheers Malaysia 2017! It is worth the money because if you use up to 3 vouchers from the deals, its actually can cover your ENTERTAINER Malaysia 2017 purchased money.
Now, you can also pay monthly instalment of RM 15 per month until end of the year for The Entertainer App.
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  1. interesting! wonder if they have restaurants in penang on their apps too?

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    1. sorry for my late reply, yes they do have restaurant deals in penang too, check it out via the app!


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