THREE Shimmering LIP JAM Review

June 8, 2016

So, my random beauty review again. =P
I didn't buy a lot of cosmetics during my Japan trip because i had most of all that i want and grab a lot during beauty event / product review. This is the only one lipgloss i bought, usually i must buy YSL every time i go travel but this time i didn't... I found my makeup box is "overload" now with lipsticks. 

It is a very famous Japan brand in this 2 years, some of you might do not know but please... you have to know this brand now LOL! Their shimmering lip jam is super popular, and then i got Perfecting Primer and Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation (voted as #1 of VOCE Best Cosmetic 2014) samples from them, it is very very nice too! I used it when travelling to Phuket, it's like a tinted emulsion, this goes on smoothly and melts into myskin, leaving it feeling as though it can breathe deeply at last. No sticky greasy on my face, i love it so so so much! Too bad, no review for this awesome foundation because i got sample only.
20 shades available
Voted as #1 of VOCE Best Cosmetic 2015
The texture exclusive to LIP JAM adds ever-increasing dimension to the lips and brings fresh dewiness. With newly formulated ingredient Organic Cherry extract which is glides on smoothly to hydrate, protect and preserve the health and beauty of delicate lips. Contains Organic Botanical oils to make sure the juicy texture is just like rich jam made by cooking down fruit juice. 
The applicator shaped like a small spoon adorns the lips with an even and smooth layer for an attractive appearance.
Spot the difference. 
After i applied the Lip Jam, it makes my luxurious lips and glamour with shimmery and vibrant colors. 
Another important thing is long lasting effect. With a distinguished ability to retain shape, the contours of the lips are beautifully maintained after hours of wear. 
* bling bling shinny shinny lips all the day! *
LIP JAM provides the lips with a new sensation, ensuring vibrant shades that bring solid expressions to the face and light translucence. 
My Lip Jam color : 16 COLOR OF SOUL

Glamorous orange representing the soul awakens luck and a feeling of vitality.
p/s : I heard THREE already opened in Pavilion, it's time to grab the foundation for myself lo! Go and take a look if you like my review and my lips color, buy it. =)

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