Minamotonoya Cafe, hidden gem of Sri Petaling

June 21, 2016

With the new addition commercial blocks in Sri Petaling, so many hipster cafes and restaurants are popping up in this area every month, Sri Petaling become happening F&B area recently. 

Apart from those hipster cafes, a fusion Japanese with a chill atmosphere despite of the gloomy space. Hidden in the suburban Bandar Sri Petaling, Minamotonoya Cafe previously located at the Glass City, Bandar Sri Petaling and now they moved to another place but still in Bandar Sri Petaling where located same row with Ho Ho Steamboat (好好海鮮火鍋之家). This cafe has been hot a few months ago, may be you are not familiar with its cafe name (a little complicated pronounce for me LOL!), but if i mentioned about water mochi, sure some of you reacted like "Oh~ that one ar!" ^^ Yeah~ it's very own cute water mochi are well known in social media such as Facebook or Instagram. 
I had a food tasting session at this cafe with a bunch of friends. That is a wonderful night with great foods and great peoples. =)
Let's kick start the night with their new additions, also is the highlight of menu.

Introducing creative and Instagram-able creation - Ice Hill Mojito Sphere with 3 flavours available (Watermelon Mojito, Orange & Mint Mojito, Lime & Mint Mojito). 
Something new for me, the drinks name as mojito but its different from common mojito, do you get what i mean? hahaha!
Ice Hill Mojito Sphere   RM 15.90

Minamotonoya Cafe's mojito made out of frozen juice sphere, served together with Soda water or carbonated water. When the waitress serve this on your table, poured lemon-infused water over the rack and bubbling. 
Please take your gadget to record this immediately if you love to share on your social media. LOL! 
Look at my video! Dry ice is placed underneath actually. It is not only presentable but also give you a refreshing scent before enjoy the drink. Fresh clean air filled with hints of lemon when fogging. Then only poured the soda water in the ice sphere and let melts slowly to infuse the drink. 
Truly impressive and refreshing, also have fun with fog rolling out while sipping your cooling mojito sphere with your friends or kids. My favourite is Lime & Mint Mojito!
Next to the item that you MUST-NOT missed out, the famous water mochi! 
Cute Water Mochi   RM 6.90
The Water mochi is also known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, is a lovely jelly dessert that looks like a giant wobbly raindrop. This water mochi was first served and made popular by a confectionery in Yamanashi. Water mochi is made from gyuhi, served with kinako soybean powder (roasted soya bean powder) and eaten with brown sugar syrup poured over it. 
The mochi has a jello-like sticky yet soft consistency, perfectly match with brown sugar syrup which adds a molasses-like richness to the water mochi, this light sweet is so enjoyable.
I am sure everyone was so excited with this delightful delicate sweet! 
Minamotonoya Cafe brings you cuteness overload water mochi with motifs of Kitty, Rabbit, Teddy bear and hippo feature. Isn't this too cute to be eaten?! 
Egg With Jelly Furitake Don  RM 14.90
Our most favourite dish among all! A comfort food superficially comprised of Japanese rice, scrambled egg and Jelly Furitake. Chef created the Jelly Furitake with the core of rich chicken broth and turn into jelly cubes after cooling process, hmm... i am not gonna to explain how complicated of the process because i don't think you are interested with it LOL! But i can tell you the taste is superb!!! The Jelly Furitake is not cold, but give you a special bite texture and so flavourful. This dish absolutely is the winner of the night, we all very enjoy this heart-warming delights with the special savory Jelly Furitake. Highly recommended !!!
Chashu Don  RM 19.90
Another thumbs up dish! It's served with melt-in-your-mouth juicy and tender Chashu Don or Char Siew (Braised Pork Belly) topped over Japanese rice, topped with a Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese Marinated Soft-Boiled Eggs).
Tori Kaarge  RM 11.90
Golden fried to perfection with nice crispy skin and tender juicy boneless chicken on the inside. Such a great appetizer for your drinks, kids and also adults!
Chaliapin Steak Don  RM 22.90
Marinated beef steak on top of Japanese rice and served with chopped scallions and stewed chopped onions and preserved Japanese plum. 
 Dessert time! 
 Orange Cheese Cake  RM 15.90
Blueberry Cheese Cake  RM 15.90
Tofu Cheese Cake  RM 9.90
They do offer caffeine drinks and also juice, recommended this passion fruit juice.

Honestly, i was surprised with their creation that i can enjoy in this without eye catching interior design shop. I would definitely come back for their Egg With Jelly Furitake Don and also the jello-like water mochi! Do drop by Minamotonoya Cafe if you're looking for something new foods with affordable price, i'm sure it can entice your appetite!

No. 37-1 Jalan Radin Anum Satu
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 016 - 6212 730 
Mon to Sat : 11am-3pm & 6pm to 10pm | Tues : 11am - 5pm 
Breaktime: 3pm to 6pm
* Closed On Sunday *


  1. all of them look so yummy...but but..me can't go...oh well..enjoy it for me ya dear...hehehhehe

    1. Don't be sad.... truly believe that you can find there's something better out there =)


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