Milbon Designer's Ability Show Malaysia 2016

June 8, 2016

It's my pleasure to attend MILBON JAPAN DESIGNER ABILITY SHOW 2016 at Publika black box. I was a long term die-hard user of 'Milbon', put a bathroom full of Milbon products such as shampoo, conditioner and also Plarmia Clear Spa Foam (another range under Milbon). 

Milbon, a professional haircare brand since 1965. For more than 50 years, professional stylists have been Milbon’s partners, trusted by 40000 salons globally. Milbon products are created through a perfect union of scientific rigor and artistic exploration through advanced technologies and innovations. Fragrance is an intrinsic part of Milbon’s product design. I feel so refreshing and soothing when brush my hair after wash with Milbon, this is one of the reason i love it. Milbon Malaysia was set up in Malaysia in 2013 to develop hair industry, DA Milbon is the biggest educational event with the purpose of nurturing hair designer.
This year, MILBON Malaysia, in collaboration with MILBON Sole Distributor, NEKDERX has organized the“MILBON DA (Designer’sAbility)” event. To combine both Malaysian and Japanese culture to create brand new of beauty in Malaysia, ‘Japan Kawaii’ is set as hair design theme of Milbon DA Malaysia 2016. 
In 40 minutes of "design making" and hair designs, besides of the ability and skills of hair designer, judges will also based on the design that the designers have created which is requested by their models and also their ability in consulting their models. Guest designers will select 10 designs which fulfilled the ‘Japan Kawaii’ theme and will decide on ONE Final Winner. 
 Participants and their models
 Awesome hair show by VIP Guest Designer Mr.Terutomo Matsumoto, truly impressive!
Here is the presentation video of Mr.Terutomo Matsumoto, perfect live hair cut! 
VIP Guest Designer Mr.Terutomo Matsumoto, hair make artist Ms.Fumiko Suzuki.
Congratulation to the winners! 

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