Magic Water, the key to keep my skin silky smooth and hydrating!

June 26, 2016

In Malaysia, we can't even feel like because everyday gloomy/raining but in fact summer has finally arrived. The humidity and heat can cause havoc with your skin, often resulting in dry or dehydrated skin. It’s vital to keep on top of your skincare routine on warm summer days, wondering what is my secret weapon to keep the skin silky and hydrated all year long? 
" Hydrating is the main key to keep my skin silky smooth and looks younger. "
Everyone has different skin needs, but everyone need hydration so badly because skin dehydrated is the main issue to cause your skin aging.
Thus, having a face mist in hand is a good solution to ensure your skin hydration anytime and also cooling down in the heat or on the underground. I am always looking the best product which perfect for giving my skin a boost while on the go, and i found it!
CAUTION : This is not a "traditional" face mist, it is magic water! LOL! 
What is Magic Water? 
•Water moleculerof nanosize that freely penetrates through cell membrane.
•Stimulate the opening or cell channels, thus, increase the absorption of nutrients.
•Free from Paraben, SLS, artificial colouringsand fragrances.
•Natural botanical enzymes and nano-peptides.
What is so amazing???
Magic Water contains an array of skin-loving ingredients to boost and soothe the skin. It helps to reduce fine lines, enhance skin elasticity and protect the skin from future damage. With the special hi-tech packaging, it can protect the nano aqua in this little bottle without preservative and last for 3 years. The Magic Water is really impressive and it safe to use on baby skin, we even can spray into mouth to cure ulcer! 
•Oil and acne control. 
•Brightening and reduction of pigmentations. 
•Anti-aging & lifting 
•Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants 
•Improve skin Immunity 
•Superb absorption 
Prevent UV light under sun and moisturize is very important to us in order to avoid our skin get sunburn caused by ecposureto the sun. 
How to use : 
Used twice daily during day and night. Shake well before use. Spray contacts out in an upright position. 
Beware! Due to it's special hi-tech packaging, DO NOT invert bottle, or else this magic water cannot use anymore.
Bowie's Review :
When spray on my face, immediately i feel so soothing and i love the awesome cooling effect. I love to use Magic Water for moisturize, then apply a light make up with sunblock base when go out to near my housing area for lunch. If i got to attend event during afternoon, i MUST use Magic Water to moisturize skin immediately to avoid hot air affect to skin condition before i going out with car. My skin looks oily if i stay at outside whole day long, so i will use Magic Water helping for oil control and touch up my makeup. 
So watery!!!
The most important is Magic Water can heal your traumatised skin and minimize scars, just spray Magic Water on the wound and reduce painless, it will speed up your recovery and healing time. 
I was invited to attend the blogger party to be held on last few weeks in Ido's Setia Walk, Puchong for sharing session. 
I really hate the feeling if i didn't bring the product to save my skin problem instantly while at outside. Now all i need to do is just bring this bottle Magic Water to solve all my problems while on-the-go, definitely it is an ideal to refresh and soothe the skin anytime and anywhere. 
Now you can get this Magic Water (210ml) at only RM89.90 and FREE one small Magic Water(60ml). 
* Origin price: RM128
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