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June 22, 2016

Finally i bleached my hair and dyed it ash, this is my second time to bleach after so many years , i had a horrible bleach experience so i dare not to do it again. Don't ask me why, just thought want to take this as challenge and finally i did it. How was my new hair color? =P 
 Alright, back to the topic. I need a good hair treatment to pamper and restore my damaged hair, my hair is dry and frizzy after bleached + dyed, also i wish to try something new and something different so decided to visit this salon. 
Pro Hairdressing Team located at Taipan Subang, just opposite of Starbucks. 
If you can't find it via GPS, try search "Starbucks Taipan". 
I was suggested to try their NEW treatment which is Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment (Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System) by MoltoBene. This treatment can effectively gives superb moisture to high damaged hair with just 5 steps in 30 minutes! 
FYI, MoltoBene is a prominent Japanese brand since 1975 which has about 40 years history and now available worldwide in more than 10 countries included Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, US, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Thailand, China and Cambodia etc. They keep on developing the high functional products to fulfill customers' needs in the pursuit of having health and beauty of hair. Who doesn't love to has beautiful hair like hair model in TV commercials?!

  • For Virgin hair (without do any chemical process), you only need to go thru 2 steps (#4 & #5 step) which just need 10 minutes. 
  • 3 steps (#1, #4 & #5 step) needed for low damaged hair. 
  • If your hair condition like mine always did color treating, it is considered as medium to heavily damaged hair, all 5 steps are essential.
Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System
(Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment) 
There are 5 steps in Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System :
Deep Layer 1 - Penetrate 
Fibrils derived from hydrolyzed keratin PPT, a high molecule hydrolyzed keratin penetrate into damage hole in hair.
 (More damage, better penetration.)
The stylists apply treatment cream onto my hair and massage for better penetration. After that, steam my hair to make sure every layer of hair is able to absorb the nutrients well. 
The next few steps are done at the basin, apply different types of treatment creams and massage it gently. 
Deep Layer 2 - Combination
Hydrolyzed keratin made of feather, combined with hair peptide fill the gap between damage holes to keep result.
Deep Layer 3 - CMC Repair
After rinsing off, proceed to the 3rd steps. Repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC-like ingredient and Pellicles. Formulation with sub acidity helps Kerataide molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen inside the hair. 
Deep Layer 4 - Film
it's time to infuse moisturizing complex ingredients (18 MEA, Novel Chitosan Derivative, Hyaluronic Acid) to locking Step 1-3 repair components.
Deep Layer 5 - Coat
Florine with water-repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the repair result. It is able to last up to 2 weeks, while the coat is getting thinner after 2 weeks wash.
Home Care Treatment
To maintain the repair result, you can purchase their home care product to keep hair sustain longer before next Deep Layer Treatment. It can use 3 times a week after having treatment in salon.

Bowie's review
Let the picture speak for itself, obviously can see my frizzy hair before treatment. My hair is so soft and bouncy, it stays smooth and moisture for hours! The stylist told me that this treatment cannot bring you a very shiny hair but definitely give extra heavy moisture to your hair. 
This treatment works wonders on my hair and makes my hair look and feel healthy and amazing. Love the elegant Magnolia scent of these all products, blending with white floral notes and serene musk. Luxury fragrant yet so relaxing and calm my mind. 
Price : RM200 - short hair |  RM230 - medium hair |  RM260 - long hair
Address : 58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, 
47620, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor 
(Same row as Maybank Taipan, opposite Starbucks and Coffee Bean)
Tel : +603- 5636 9222

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