NIVEA Empower Run 2016

June 13, 2016

In the spirit of empowering women, NIVEA Pearl & Beauty organized the NIVEA EMPOWER RUN 2016 on the 5th of June (Sunday). I am supposed to join this run but i had migraine and period came at the same time, so i don't feel like i will enjoy the run and end up i was absent. 
Opening its doors nationwide, everyone was given the chance to participate in the run to empower women by registering online. In May, each participant was given a running kit that included the NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant spray, NIVEA Empower Run t-shirt, tutu skirt, running bib and goods from Watsons. Participants were encouraged to put on the tutu skirt provided in the running kit as a symbol of femininity and to strongly show that women can achieve anything even in their most elegant way.
 Over 2000 participants turned up before the break of dawn for the NIVEA EMPOWER RUN at Setia City Mall, Oval Field that was set up for the occasion. Pumped up and ready to run, the participants had the chance to meet and greet their favourite local celebrities Atilia Haron. Before starting the run, the participants were given NIVEA bio-degradable balloons. 
The run begins with participants raising their hands with confidence and released the balloons into the air. This activity symbolizes the act of defying all boundaries. 
During the run, participants made their way to the photo booth where they got to snap amazing photos together with their running buddies. After pumping their adrenaline to complete the 5km fun run, participants finished their run with the third and final activity station whereby they had to make their way through the Pearl & Beauty Experience. Here, they got to feel rejuvenated with the empowering freshness of NIVEA Pearl & Beauty deodorant. Besides the activities within the race, the participants also got to have some fun with the White Ball Treasure Hunt whereby they stood a chance to win other great prizes. 

Being a part of this run not only benefited the runners and created the awareness for NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant but it also gave the needy women a brighter future. Participants indirectly contributed towards helping the poor and needy as NIVEA donated the profits from the run to a charity organization ‘For Wisdom & Revolutionary Development (FORWARD)'. FORWARD is an NGO accustomed towards helping the needy community by imparting proper training so that the needy can earn their bread and send their kids for proper educations. Working together, NIVEA and FORWARD aims to help the needy and free them from poverty. 

Sweating is a natural part of the human function to keep our body cool and comfortable in order to maintain our average body temperature. It prevents us from overheating especially when we are performing strenuous activities in warm or hot weather conditions. However, as good as it sounds, when combined with bacteria found on our skin, sweat emits an odor that is not to our liking. With that the aisles of supermarkets, mini markets, and even pharmacies are fully stocked with deodorants in various sizes, scents and formulas offering no solution but a difficult decision to find the best suitable deodorant. Hence, find out more about NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant via my previous blog post here.
"Empowering Women has always been a platform for NIVEA to encourage women to reach for their dreams. Women should not put limitations on themselves as we believe that with the correct guidance, dreams are achievable." 
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