How to make Kimono rental booking in Japan

June 9, 2016

June, it's time to update my April Sakura Japan trip (wao...time flies, it's 2 months ago...). I hope my blog content is not all about the commercial things like product sponsored review/ food review/ event, so you might realise that i blogged some random posts recently, do what i love to do!
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” ―Steve Jobs

When i look at my Japan photos, seriously i really don't know how to start. I didn't take many photos as last time because i was like a maid in this trip, i arranged almost everything included flights, hotels booking, buy train tickets, plan itinerary, study their very complicated train map, and help my mum carry very bery heavy hand luggage up and down from train station. End up, i got no time to take a lot of pictures for blogging purpose. Alright, i decided to sharing with you guys about how to make Kimono rental booking in Japan! Recent years, rental a kimono and walk at Kyoto's street is already become a MUST-DO for tourist! 
How to make Kimono rental booking in Japan
First, you MUST make a online booking before your flight to Japan. Or else, you have to waste your time to walk and search Kimono rental shop, most of them are fully booked with online booking especially if you’re renting on a busy weekend, don't cry if you got nothing to wear LOL! It is so easy to online make an appointment and book a time slot for your kimono dressing.
1. Google search with keywords "Kimono rental", then will pop up a lot of choices for you. Click one by one and check which website you like the most, normally #1,2,3 is the most popular.
2. Check what is the plan they offer and where is their shop's location, opt for a number of rental plans to best suit your budget.
Most of the Kimono rental shop's offer include Kimono + Obi (a sash for traditional Japanese dress) + bag + Tabi-socks + Japanese sandals + Kimono dressing. Different price of plan offered different quality Kimono, if you took the cheapest one, pattern is very limited. I would recommend to choose second cheaper plan so you can enjoy a variety of Kimono with affordable price. 
Please take note : Kimono rental plan is NOT included hair styling, you have to an additional charges for hair styling but the price is very adorable la! about 500Yen (not more than RM20) only. 
3. Make a reservation! 
They will send you a confirmation email and without charges, pay on the spot when reach there. So please get ready your $$$.
Where to Rent
Okamoto Kimono
I would suggest you rent kimono at Kyoto instead of Osaka, because Kyoto is the most beautiful place for traditional attire photo shooting. In this trip, i rent Kimono at Okamoto Kimono. It is one of the famous Kimono rental shop in Japan and the best thing is their staff can speak simple English so no worries on the communication problem. 
There are few branches in Kyoto includes Gojozaka, Kiyomizuzaka Shop, Yasakanotomae Shop and 

Gion Shop. I choose Kiyomizuzaka Shop which nearest to Kiyomizu Dera so i don't need to walk too far. It is a fantastic spot as its near quite a number of popular temples and shrines. Why i don't want to walk too far? LOL let you know later. 
During Sakura super peak season, they only allowed customer to take full-scale attire plan so I opted for this plan and paid ¥500 additional on the hair styling service. It is super worth the money with their fastest professional hair styling (done within 10 minutes!)

3 types of hair styling : Curl & up, Kabuse, or Side-up. Complete your hair style with hair accessory! Total spent is 5500 Yen. 
*All prices are not inclusive of 8% consumption tax.
It takes approximately 1 - 1.5 hour for choosing kimono + dressing + hair styling + preparation for going out for a walk. Also, book the earlier time slot is a bonus chance to choose from more variety Kimono design and got more time to walk around with Kimono. Schedule extra time just in case is advisable. The day i went is Saturday and Sakura super peak season, so i only managed to got my appointment time at 3pm and have to return back by 6.30pm. *sob*

Kimono Dressing

As I went with the Full-Scale Attire Plan, i can choose from approximately 600 kimonos or designers' kimonos. Of course, it also included the beautiful colorful embroidery! The highest price plan you choose, the lowest opportunity 撞衫(same cloth with others). Once I selected all aspects from the kimono, obi, inner piece Juban and bag, i was ushered to fitting room with other ladies for dressing, yeah.... we all sharing a room to take off clothes and change kimono. *don't be shy*

I was truly impressed of this process of kitsuke – the art of kimono dressing! Definitely you can't imagine how's complicated to wear. Takes a series of deft folds and wraps for both the kimono. There are so many sashes that are tied around the waist to secure the kimono and its many folds before the obi belt goes on as well. As i wrapped with many many things on my waist, forced me to walk straight so i felt exhausted while i walk few meter away. Ishhh.... real sooooo tired! Salute to the Japanese women who wore traditional attire everyday! And... i was wondering how i gonna to bend down to go restroom?!!! Don't ask me the answer because i didn't go restroom at last hahahaha....

After changing to kimono, we leave our clothes and belongings in the shop, then act like Japanese girl and exploring Kiyomizu Dera.

Am i look like Japanese? XD 
I was so happy with this beautiful kimono, because of my height, this is the only one piece for this design. That's mean i won't 撞衫 with others lo hahaha....
Although my hair is very short, but i insist to request for hair styling. SO nice!
That's all for today. Hope this can help you to easier make Kimono rental booking. =)

XoXo, night! *it's 3am now*

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