Discover the lifestyle concept like no other at ss15 Courtyard!

June 29, 2016

Officially opened in December 2015, ss15 Courtyard is the latest destination for shopping, eating and relaxation, located at the neighborhood of SS15 Subang Jaya and boasts easy access from its surrounding residential and commercial vicinities. It offers lifestyle-focused shopping with 50 specialty stores and F&B outlets, ideal for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch. It's also the perfect day out with family or friends with some great places to eat and relax. 

Inside, an impressive glitz of choicest brands ranging from a refreshing blend of local and international F&B outlets, beauty and health options, home furnishing store, a selection of stores offering lifestyle brands, a grocery store and a family entertainment center become the heartbeat of ss15 Courtyard.
Beauty and Pampering
Escape the real world and immerse in a whirlwind of delightful hair treatment, relaxing manicure or other beauty regime to welcome the right of self-love and relaxation. Feel beautiful from the inside out and get away from your routine life for few hours, relax and unwind yourself at ss15 Courtyard where offers a variety of beauty and health options that await with open arms, going home 

You'll find a lifestyle concept like no other at ss15 Courtyard because they offer more than just stores to keep you entertained, and even a few special spots for the kids. 
Funtopia situated at first floor, it is an indoor entertainment climbing centre and family edutainment centre for all ages kids. Funtopia encourages individual of all ages to stay fit and healthy and to be able to interact with climbing through different types of games, activities and things that will stress the imagination instead of climbing up the wall and getting to the top of the wall. 
Disappearing Holds, Lost in the Darkness, Labyrinth, Walking on a Skyscraper and a Medieval Castle are just a few of the many challenged waiting for you in the FUNbelievable world of Funtopia.
Don't forget their most challenging and excited Giant Slide! This attraction is the best way to feel the gravity! The Slide has a motor handle that pulls the participant upwards until he / she reaches his / her fear limit. When they let go they fееl the thrill of freefall.
All set!
 I am ready to climb the most challenging game among all, SPEED WALLS!!!

These elements are specially designed for speed competition. Both walls have identical routes and holds, which imitate those used in official speed competitions. They are also equipped with Start and Finish buttons and speed timers for measuring the best results. In other words, we are competing with time! 

It's time for kids to put away their smartphones and tablets, seriously i really dislike those kids cry/ shout loudly to begging a tablets, parents is the worst if they allow them to play it, it is not a healthy education. In Funtopia, kids can develop communication skills, build confidence, nurture problem-solving skills, improved general fitness, mental focus and shaping young minds. Climbing and jumping is also a great way of overcoming fears and anxieties. It is a good way to find your current limits and push them further and further.
They do offer birthday package too, for more info, please check out Funtopia website.
Open Hours : Sunday - Thursday |  10am - 10pm

Bodytone, established in 2008 as the first Power Plate® Authorised Centre™ in Malaysia, Bodytone® Studio has pioneered Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training on our shores long before anyone here knew of its revolutionary capabilities. You can experience the most effective form of training with ground-breaking effectiveness of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) for spot reduction, trained and motivated by its Power Plate certified trainers. 
Bodytone benefits :
- Suitable for all fitness level
- Increase muscle mass, flexibility and toning
- Accelerate fat loss goal
- Immediate improvement in blood circulation
- Improved range of motion
- Enhanced bone mineral density
- Reduce the appearance of cellulite 
- Whole body massage and relaxing
Fill in the health & fitness survey form before start.
After that, proceed to the Inbody Test which can examines your total body water, fat, protein, minerals, reveals percentage of body fat, muscle distribution etc. 
This is something new to me, one session is 45 minutes but i was extremely exhausted after 15 minutes workout. I can tell you that Bodytone is one of the most effective way to burn fat, LOL! 45 minutes later, i can't feel my legs anymore. T_T 
Book a free visit at their website :
Leisure and Lifestyle
Other noteworthy lifestyle and specialty brands at ss15 Courtyard include Loud Speaker, Pet Lovers Centre, Glitters & Beautique Salon, Bonzour Home, Thinker House (left & right brain training etc) an educational centre and many more.

Once you’re all shopped out, why not refuel in one of the s15 Courtyard's restaurant? 
For unique Bali food experience, Naughty Nuri’s offers tantalising BBQ pork ribs with Balinese spices and a secret sauce. Not a full pork menu, Naughty Nuri’s also serves a variant of its delicious barbeque dish to satisfy every palate. 

Want to find a place for afternoon hang out with friends?Grab a cup of coffee and take a bite at Yesterday! *it is a cafe name!*
Enjoy the classic calibrations of the Malaysian palate with the true wonders of mum’s home-cooked meals, diligently put together and presented to you - on every plate at Wondermama.
Jibby Chow offers a fresh take on Chinese by fusing the traditional and contemporary while keeping the essence of Chinese cuisine in check. With an urban interior design and modern lighting more commonly seen in Western style cafes, Jibby Chow constantly presents new flavours to its menu.
For Japanese delights, visit Rakuzen, the popular Japanese restaurant chains offering a wide selection of authentic Japanese cuisine, including its freshly prepared sushi and sashimi platters, tempura, grilled and many other dishes.
On the Ground Floor, there is Naj & Belle, a chic and stylish cafe that is perfect for hanging out with friends.
For coffee lovers, you must try their very own special blend of coffee from the Cauca region of Columbia and from the rainforests and volcanic fertile soils of the Gayo Highland in Central Aceh, giving you a soft hazelnut and plum aroma, with a medium balanced apricot acidity and notes of soft milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla. 
Aww~~ feel like have a cup of aromatic coffee now~~~ 
Offering a variety of Pastas, Sandwiches, Salads and Main courses and also All Day Brunch Menu! 
Naj & Belle food review HERE*
Yoshinoya, the oldest and largest restaurant chains of beef bowl prepared with its secret recipe broth seasoned with savory herbs and spices together with large sweet onions, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice – a tasty yet healthy meal. 
There are 5 main categories in menu : Beef Bowl, Chicken Bowl, Hot Pot, Curry Rice and Teishoku, best for those who craving of Donburi!
Chef recommendation : Beef Bowl  RM11.80 (Regular)  |  RM13.80 (Large)
Yakitori Bowl  RM13.80 (Regular)  |  RM15.80 (Large)
Hot Pot
Chef recommendation : Aburi Salmon Bowl   RM19.80
Chicken Sukiyaki Nabezen Rice   RM17.80
 Curry Rice  RM9.80
Teishoku (set rice & miso soup)
Ontama Taru Taru Chicken Katsu Set   RM18.80
Right beside of Yoshinoya, you can get the Japanese wheat flour noodle at Hanamaru Udon in over ten different styles and varieties. It is under Yoshinoya and serve the famous Japan udon with the best ingredients through unique methods for the signature Hanamaru taste. 
 Ontama Bukkake  RM8.80 (Regular)  |  RM11.80 (Large)
Available in cold serve or hot soup.
 Beef Udon  RM12.80 (Regular)  |  RM15.80 (Large)
Spicy Miso Udon  RM12.80 (Regular)  |  RM15.80 (Large)
Hanamaru Udon are made fresh and with good care at the restaurant daily, adorable prices not going to burn a hole in your pockets, perfect for a quality guarantee budget meal! 

There's nothing like the pleasures of tasty, simple and heart-warming comfort food. One of the leaders in Fujian/Putian cuisine, PUTIEN skillfully bring out the original taste of each ingredient. 
PUTIEN has won numerous awards and is even endorsed by Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin and Hong Kong celebrity and food critic Chua Lam. The latest recognition of PUTIEN’s excellence is its feature in the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2016 (BIB GOURMAND RESTAURANT - Causeway Bay Outlet). Check my Putien's food review here

Other F&B outlets including Hanbing Korean Dessert Café, Shinmapo Korean BBQ and Owee Cuisine that sells Malaysian local delights, as well as Village Grocer will also be opening soon.

Hari Raya's Promotion!

How to get there? 
Thanks to ss15 Courtyard for having us. =)
What better place to spend your cold hard cash? ss15 Courtyard has served as a community hub for the Subang neighborhood and a great destination to go to on a weekend, for you, kids and family!
ss15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya

Jalan SS15/4G, SS15,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-5612 6335 / 03-5612 6335

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