Tony Roma's Special menu from 7th Sept - 18th Oct 2015 | Ribs, Seafood & Steak

September 11, 2015

Tony Roma’s is a casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks, it is one of the most globally legendary names in the industry. From 7th Sept - 18th Oct 2015, Tony Roma's brought a few great dishes that are special menu from ribs, seafood and steak

Start with Beef Short Rib with Cranberry Demi-glace     RM 67.73
A grilled beef short rib topped with Tony Roma's homemade cranberry demi-glace, served with fire-roasted vegetables and loaded mashed potatoes. The ribs are tender, moist and just slide off of the bone. The creamy loaded mashed potatoes with extra crispy bacon topping are absolutely delicious. I love it!
Salmon with Shrimp in Lemon sauce    RM 59.25
Grilled salmon topped with shrimp sautéed in housemade lemon sauce, served with choice of two sides. Juicy shrimp pairing grilled tender salmon with a rich and tangy lemon sauce, the sauce is fantastic and such a perfect match for the salmon! 
Filet Mignon with Fried Onion Rings & Demi Glace     RM 63.49
A melt-in-your mouth, lean cut of boneless beef tenderloin, grilled to your liking and served wit crispy onion rings and mashed potatoes. 

There are 4 NEW Virgin Romaritas , the perfect companion to steak.
Romarita    RM 16.85
Tony Roma's ultimate tart and sweet pairing of orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass.

Strawberry Romarita    RM 16.85
A strawberry lover's delight. Strawberry, orange juice, lime sour mix and fresh lime juice, shaken with ice. Served with a sugar-rimmed glass with a strawberry garnish.

Mango Romarita     RM 16.85
An adventurous island mix of mango, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice. Served in a sugared glass with a fresh orange wedge.

Wild Berry Romarita    RM 16.85
Simply amazing wild berry, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice. Served in a glass dabbed in sugar.

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