Freshy Freeze @ Nu Sentral, Low sugar delectable fried ice cream

September 19, 2015

Yuhooo~~~~ anyone love dessert here? can't live without dessert? raise your hand! *me me me!!!* Warning! this is a sweetness overload blogpost. =P
Have you heard about fried ice cream? It's actually not new in Malaysia because you can find it at some hotels buffet spread or night markets.
Freshy FREEZE is the First Fresh-Tastic Liveshows Ice Cream in Thailand that is made to order with the Fresh and Premium Ingredients to serve you CUP-BY-CUP. Recently landed in Malaysia and set up their first outlet at Nu Sentral Mall
What's make Freshy Freeze so special?
- Freshy Freeze ice cream is freshness
Every order is made-to-order, "pan fried" in a minus 22 degree Celsius cold pan, such like a live performance in front of customer. 
- Low Fat and Low Sugar
It is healthy for all ages and also safe to be consumed by diabetics patients!
- Made from fresh imported ingredients such as strawberries from USA or South Korea and Belgian chocolate from Belgium.
Don't worry of your ice cream melts too quickly! I know nowadays take picture is the first step before you taste it, LoL! Freshly Freeze ice cream don't melt faster, you have at least 10-15 minutes to take your nice nice food picture =P 
Strawberry Cheese Cake   RM 25
A wide range flavour ice creams included fruity flavoured. The Strawberry Cheesecake was the bomb!Smoother ice cream served with tangy homemade cheesecake, swirls of strawberry sauce, and sliced strawberry, enjoy sweet-and-sour taste sensation at the same time, each bite is heavenly! If you've got fans of strawberry cheesecake in the house, this cool and creamy Strawberry Cheesecake is a must-try!
Minty Chocolate   RM 25
Peppermint and chocolate combination always is my first choice for ice cream, the chocolate and mint combination is a classic, i love minty taste! This refreshing and rich mint chocolate ice cream is loaded with flavor and chunks crunchy cookies surprise in the middle. It will surely become your favourite hot weather dessert!

Price : Standard Ice Cream - Medium RM15 | Large RM19.50
Coffee Toffee with Almonds & Dark Chocolate Chips
Rich coffee and toffee aroma mingle with a subtle hint of almond and dark chocolate chips to create a delectable ice cream, i just can't..... stop to eat it!
Japanese Green Tea with Almonds
I am not a matcha lovers because usually matcha ice cream is very sweet (for me). Finally i found LESS sweet matcha ice cream at Freshy Freeze! I love this so so much! This Japanese Green Tea with Almonds ice cream with its silky texture melt-in-your-mouth and a hint of bitterness kick my taste bud. It is a cool, gourmet soothing treat that is perfect for calm your mind down.
Cookies and Cream 
Compare with other brand ice cream, this cookies and cream ice cream is less sweet but doesn't spoil the taste. It is wonderfully creamy, rich, and with tasty crunchy chocolate cookies.
Belgian Chocolate with Almonds 
Highly recommended! This ice cream is too good to eat! Using 99% unsweetened chocolate which imported from Belgian, to create the richest, creamiest, smoothest chocolate ice cream melted on your tongue. *OMG!*

How to order?
Ice cream always is the best medicine to make you feel happy =)
No longer need to travel to Thailand for fried ice cream, Malaysian can enjoy the same quality and yummy ice cream at Nu Sentral. Freshy Freeze offers good quality ice creams and desserts made from natural ingredients. At Freshy Freeze, you don't have to give up your diet plan because all ice cream is low fat and low sugar, just eat it on a diet totally guilt free!

Freshy Freeze (next to GSC Cinemas)
L5 12, Nu Sentral Mall

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