Tiger Bites Campaign to uncage street foods! Food Trail from KL-Penang

September 16, 2015

Do you know your street food? I bet most of you doesn't know much about famous / delicious "hidden" street foods surrounding you. In a country strong with a diverse range of culture and heritage, of course Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to FOOD! Malaysian love food, love food hunting, there's no denying it for sure, too many good foods in Malaysia. When you name a cuisine and i think most of all will find it here. Throw a stone anywhere in Malaysia and it is bound to hit an eatery, i am not joking ok! Street food is a big part of Malaysian culture, no matter in town or countryside. But... will it land in an unusual place that serves up great tasting street food?
Tiger Beer believes that there are a lot of hidden gems not known to the masses, to challenging foodies to uncage the secret street food havens, that's the reason of this campaign come out, it called Tiger Bites

This time, Tiger Beer invited a slew of media to join an 18 Volkswagen car convoy on a 2 days street food trail from Kuala Lumpur heading to north Ipoh and Penang for an unconventional gastronomic experience. 
Flag off and start the journey!
Reached Ipoh.
Woh Heng Coffee Shop
47, Clare Street, Ipoh.
First stop, enjoy dry curry noodle as our lunch at old-style coffee shop in Ipoh. It served with chicken sliced, cockles, Ipoh famous bean sprouts and kuay teow. It wasn't very spicy, but a kick to my taste buds.
It is the unique experience while eating street food and drinking Tiger Beer / Tiger Radler beer, personally love Tiger Radler beer because it is lemon flavoured, refreshing flavour especially drink in hot day. 
After lunch, engine start again and heading to Penang.
Here we are, Penang! 
Apong Guan
Drop by at this Apong Guan stall when we reached Penang.
it is not the apom you buy in night market, it is filling with corn, sweet banana and grated coconut, crisp but flavoured. Too bad i can't had it because it is contain peanut as ingredient ( i am allergy to peanut). =(
Check in The Royale Bintang Hotel, Penang.
Ta-daa~~~~ this is our room, we are the lucky girls because got the corner room and bigger. See! We have walk in wardrobe! LOL!
Tiger Char Koay Teow
179, Carnavon Street, Georgetown.
Char Koay Teow is no doubt the most iconic food in Penang, Tiger Char Koay Teow rated as one of top 4 famous Char Koay Teow in Penang! The secret ingredients in the Tiger Char Koay Teow is using bamboo clams and fried using duck egg to enhance the fragrance of the dish! I love this!
Other than char kway teow, Loh Bak is available here too. Dip it in sweet sauce and chilli dipping, tempting and yummy.
After dinner, immediately we went to Old Green House to had our supper, huh so fast?!!! 
Ordered their famous Hokkien Mee of Penang (Prawn Mee), i must eat this everytime when visit Penang but i found the taste is slightly dissapointed me. 
Thanks to Tiger Beer, we were spoilt with bed in breakfast in the next morning. We had Chinese  Malay and Indian street foods as breakfast, aww..... too heavy but i like it =) 
Fried Lobak, har gaw (prawn dumpling), roti canai, kaya toast, half boiled egg, roti canai, fresh fruits, served with tea or coffee.
Pitt Street Kuey Teow Th'ng
Last stop in Penang, we had lunch at Pitt Street Kuey Teow Th'ng before back to KL. 
It was truly delicious food i had in Penang, Kuey Teow Th'ng comes with home made Eel Balls and minced meat,  Koay Teow is so smooth but not in a clump. 
Their coffee is the best! very gao =P  Remember order this ok!
Homemade Chicken Floss by Aunty Ke Ai
Lorong Selamat, Penang
Goodbye Penang~
After few hours car ride, finally we reached our dinner destination. 
Flying Wanton Mee
Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.
Famous of Wanton noodle tossed in the air giving the noodle a crisp and springy texture. Have to recommended their roasted/ steamed chicken, juicy and smooth!
Check out this video of how's to "fly" the wanton mee XD

While the members of the media got a taste of what’s to come, fellow Malaysians can participate in the campaign by creating a trail for others to follow as they uncover hidden food gems through a microsite. All they have to do is to sign up and start dropping pins along their way. Their efforts will be rewarded as exciting prizes await those that participate in this seven-week long contest.
What is that amazing prizes?
14 sets of GoPro, phone lens and selfie tripod will be given to participants with the best street food post on Instagram or pin dropped via microsite. At the end of the contest period, one participant who put together the best street food trail (which combines the most number of pins dropped and the longest trail in kilometers) will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for two where more great street flavours await. 
Wait! The excitement does not end there. In celebration of this new campaign, Tiger Bites will throw an exclusive festival filled with the finest street food with ice cold Tiger Beers as accompaniment. Sounds appetising? For exclusive invites, create your food trail and start dropping pins today. 

To find out more information on Tiger Bites, log on to www.tigerbites.com.my.


  1. hey~~ I didnt know u go to seapark there!! owh~~~ I just staying from the walking distance in Seapark, alos would definitely drop by if I knew you were here!

  2. sweetie, inform u next time when i go again ^^


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