Okonomi @ Publika, Create your own sushi roll

September 23, 2015

Another food review post =)
The name "OKONOMI" comes from the same Japanese word meaning "as you like it". 
What’s your roll? 
That is Okonomi's tagline, Okonomi in Publika which is also the first and only DIY sushi restaurant in Malaysia now. Okonomi strived to create something different by giving more options to serve mainly Japanese fusion menu highlighting the customised Maki rolls. Indulge in patrons their own creativity to find a sushi roll that's just right for them, patrons can make their very own Maki roll according to their liking from a choice of 40 different fillings, 20 different sauces and dressings, and 16 different toppings. Even if you failed to make up your mind, Okonomi also offers house rolls created by the chef.
Okonomi is a hidden gem in Publika, situated at the street beside of the busy shopping mall that you might not come across, located same row with Red Bean Bag, you might miss this restaurant if you are not familiar with Publika area.

It is not a big restaurant, welcoming ambiance with light and minimalistic interior, a transparency kitchen right at the entrance, where you can watch the cooking process by chefs.

Customizing your own roll can be done in three simple steps:
1. Choose 
- the size of roll
- sushi base (white or brown rice)
- wrapping of seaweed (nori) or a soy wrap
- type of roll maki or uramaki

2. Select your choice ingredients with over 40 different fillings included fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat 
Honestly some of the ingredient is surprised me, such as strawberries, Hokkaido Lobster, smoked duck, cherry tomatoes, chilli padi and boiled eggs, i was curious on what kind of these combination taste like?

3. Choose form 20 homemade sauces and 16 toppings to complete your roll. 

It might take some time to decide all of these choices (that is too many ingredients to choose!!!), but it was fun and patrons have their freedom to choose what they felt like to eat on that day, the combination of sushi roll is limited by your creativity.

Other than the Maki rolls, Okonomi is a Japanese restaurant that offers Omakase sushi roll by you. Just the sound of it is good enough to excites for those who surprise.You can also opt for salads, rice, and pasta at Okonomi. Okonomi guarantees you a gastronomic dining experience, continue to wow your palettes with a new range of mouth-watering menu.

Ebi Fry (5 pieces)      RM15.90
Crispy crunchy deep fried succulent breaded prawns.
Tempura Squid      RM25.90
Tempura battered deep fried crispy squid slices, outrageously crispy and with golden crust but a bit tasteless for me.
Caeser Salad Roll      RM19.90
It is a fun way "transform" the Caeser Salad to sushi roll, filling with Uramai, soy wrap, white rice, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg, croutons, grated parmesan cheese & cheddar mayo. A healthy and delicious roll especially suitable to someone who prefer tasty light food.
Crunchy Crab     RM26.90
Dishes up soft shell crab with Uramaki, seaweed, white rice, Hokkaido crab meat, carrot, tempura crunch, togarashi & cheddar salad dressing. This Crunchy Crab is in generously size and i love the togarashi & cheddar salad dressing which makes a nice foil to the Crunchy Crab.
Mango Prawn Salad     RM20.90
Succulent prawns, mangoes and Japanese cucumber topped with tobiko and tossed in a mango salad dressing served over mixed greens & cherry tomatoes. Mango Prawn Salad is a colourful filling summer dish, unexpected mango and prawn can perfectly balanced flavours of fresh, sweet and sour.
Unagi Pasta     RM32.90
Fresh grilled unagi served with a teriyaki glaze.
Chicken Gratin     RM18.90
Generous portion of juicy chicken & mixed mushrooms in rich cream sauce.
Prawn Kakiage    RM18.90
Deep fried tempura battered prawns with a teriyaki glaze, carrots and onions garnished with spring onions.
Make your own sushi, this creation by me, Becky and her boyfriend. But her boyfriend pick most of the ingredients and both of us were choose one only, you must be feel unbelievable what is inside this sushi roll, hahaha! It is with tiger prawn, Alfalfa, Strawberry, chilli padi, asparagus, unagi and spicy mayo. Can you imagine what is the taste of it when strawberry meet with chilli padi? hahaha.... i can tell you... it is surprised us because taste good. =)
Matcha Lava Cake     RM18.90
It is Okonomi's signature dessert! A rich matcha cake filled with delicious matcha chocolate molten lava, drizzled with powdered sugar and served with vanilla ice cream, matcha chocolate sticks and fresh strawberries. This gorgeous Matcha Lava Cake need 15 minutes preparation time, melt-in-mouth and works good with the bitterness of matcha green tea.
 Another thing that is definitely going to catch your attention is the range of desserts you can find there. They have a wide variety of ice cream, parfaits, waffles and lava cakes.Many have come for it and will come back for it undoubtedly. They even make their own soft serve ice cream that is irresistibly good.
Most of Okonomi beverages are made from matcha and azuki.
It is fun to making your own sushi or maki roll, pick your prefer ingredients and create the only one belongs to you. Prices are reasonable and add a little money, you can choose premium ingredients too. If you are Matcha lovers, definitely you will fall in love with their large selections beverage and dessert menu.

A4-G2-02, Solaris Dutamas,
No 1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm (Daily)

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