Happy 5th Birthday my Golden Dou Dou

September 20, 2015

17th August is my another precious furkid's birthday, yes!!! the most lovely superstar Golden Dou Dou's birthday!!! This year is her 5th birthday.
As usual, birthday cake made by me, sweetness overload =)
My dog cake bakery --> Dogelicious Doggie's Treats
Golden Dou Dou have hip dysplasia problem due to the genetic susceptibility for hip looseness or laxity and bad breeder doesn't care about this and keen to breed them to earn money. *hate you! Petsxxxx! I bought Golden Dou Dou from this pets chain store. Hmmm.... if u realise i don't join the pet event which held in end of Sept, you should know what shop is it!* 

FYI, Hip dysplasia in Dogs is a disease of the hip in which the ball and socket joint is malformed. This malformation means that the ball portion and its socket don’t properly meet one another, resulting in a joint that rubs and grinds instead of sliding smoothly. (source from petmd.com)
Golden Dou Dou had her very first and long hour(3 hours + ) surgery at her 5 months old, actually she need to do both legs but i choose to do 1 leg first and see how's the result. I cannot forgot the scene when i visited her after surgery, she doesn't know she had surgery and immediately want to stand up and get out from the cage, but she can't and pain until shout like hell! can you imagine how pain is it? my tears keep falling down..... At the end, doctor advised that she can only need to do 1 leg and eat supplement for whole life. Here is the album of her surgery and after treatment.
So, i pay more attention on her, pampering her... and now she become a queen in my family LoL! Everyone love her, nowadays she is more famous than me, even though called to pet friendly cafe, i have to voice out "Golden Dou Dou" name instead of mine... haiz... 
I love you more than a thousand words, Happy 5th birthday my darling girl! 
Please stop to burning hole in my wallet ok? =P 
*I spent real uncountable money on her medical bill since she was small until now, think can buy a maxi chanel boy already hahaha*


  1. wah~~ dou dou is a real lucky dog! You really take good care of her, i think which why she is so healthy now. I dun even know she got this ball socket born malfunction dog disease when I meet her on that day.

    whatever is it, Happy Birthday dou dou!!

    1. All because she is not a dog, she is my family member =)


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