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September 22, 2015

What is your skin care regimen? Most of the time, I’m sure that your bathroom is already filled with skin care products such as cleanser, toner, moisturiser, peels, masks and scrubs so you can get yourself a proper and through deep cleansing regimen at home. But that doesn't mean you can blindly ignore the benefits that come with getting a professional skin consultation and advice. 
Getting a professional facial treatment is important to fully cleanse your skin and target existing skin problems which is hard to achieve with D-I-Y skin care regimes at home.

Like all women who invest a lot of time and money into looking good and feeling beautiful, I love to go for facial appointments because I always believe that the beauty experts can assist me to identify and meet my skincare and beauty needs while providing a holistic beauty treatment session to unwind and relax. Because of my busy schedule, i think it has been more than 3 months since I last had a facial appointment =(
So in conjunction with the introduction of their latest Reversal 24 Therapy, CRES Wellness is my preferred facial centre to pamper and treat my skin to keep the signs of aging at bay!! 

Before we delve further into the specifics of the treatment, here is a short introduction about CRES Wellness.
CRES Wellness offers female customized, luxurious solutions to help them achieve a high level of wellbeing – the end-products of beauty, namely Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication – words which form the acronym, “C.R.E.S”.
Cres Wellness offers innovative facial services, administered by beauty therapists, which custom-treat each mind, body and spirit, based on the revolutionary products of Cellnique Paramedical – Asia’s first paramedical skincare brand. This is backed by a decade’s worth of experience and ground-breaking know-how in the beauty industry, as well as a deep insight into the lifestyles and needs of contemporary women.
Comfortable ambiance.

It was my first time visit to the CRES Wellness salon at The Garden. Due to my dehydrated skin, CRES is offering me try on their latest Reversal 24 Therapy that promises to restore skin elasticity, reduce facial lines and wrinkles and also increase firmness! The Reversal 24 Therapy is specially formulated for those facing aging skin, sagging problems, fine lines and dull-looking skin problems by providing touchable and visible results within a month of usage!
* Note: The Reversal 24 Therapy is not suitable for those with oily/acne skin type.*

The 4 steps of Reversal 24 Therapy:
1. Precision Lift & Firm Concentrate
An exclusive blend of SYN-HYCAN peptide and Hematite Extract,which is proven to further enhance the synthesis of collagen for increased skin elasticity and improved firmness. Skin appears younger, lifted and more radiant.

2. Precision Lift & Firm Serum
The revolutionary lift-up essential formulated with PhytoCellTec Argan and Hyalo Oligo in every anti-aging skincare routine that protects and revitalizes dermal cells and diminishes pre-mature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging caused by dehydration.

3. Precision Lineless Essence Masque
With Argireline Peptide and Vitamin C, that is incorporated with a unique anti-wrinkle Botox alternative to smoothen and reverse the appearance and formation of expression lines and wrinkles.

4. Precision Lift & Firm Black Cream Masque
The infused Bamboo Stem Powder and Phloretin works to lift and firm all facial zones, providing tighter skin texture and healthy shinny skin.

After a brief skin consultation and a hot cup of tea, the treatment started with a scalp massage that really helped me to relax my senses, which was then followed by facial routine cleansing, extraction and also lymph drainage massage to boost blood circulation and clear the skin. 
All the luxurious pampering was followed by the most important treatment which is the Reversal 24 Therapy. Applied Precision Lift & Firm Concentrate, Precision Lift & Firm Serum and Precision Lift & Firm Black Cream Masque on my face.
After cleaning up the residue from the black mask, the beautician deftly applied a soothing hydrating masque on my face, using a cold hammer to not only calm my skin and reduce skin redness after extraction but also helps to improves skin elasticity and tighten sagging skin, minimise larger pores and reduce varicose veins blood effectively. 
I love the feeling of the cold hammer being applied to my skin, so cooling and comfortable.
The treatment ends with Precision Lineless Essence Masque with an enjoyable shoulder massage to loosen up the tension. Aww~~~ so relaxing!
I have larger and noticeable pores, dehydrated skin caused me itchness, that's my main concern when i go for facial.
My naked face, 100% no make up.
After this Reversal 24 Therapy, yahoo!!!! I realized that my pores have minimised, but of course it not a huge transformation since I only went for the Reversal 24 Therapy once. However, when I touch my skin I can attest that it is not only smoother than before, my skin also feels more lustrous and firmer. I am very satisfied with their service (their beautician did not hard sell their products during my facial treatment) and I also love the visible after-glow of a expertly done facial.

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CRES Wellness The Garden
Lot FF-225, 4th Floor, The Garden, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 60 3-2287 6369

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