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September 10, 2015

Hands are one of the first things we notice when we meet someone. Manicure is very important for girl, a regular manicure will keep your nails tidy and hide your hands age, is an indication that you take pride in your appearance. Imagine when your face is firm enough but when look at your hands, aisk!!! why the nails is cracking and hands are dry?!! It's not a good impression.
Year end, it's a got a lot of public holidays, festivals, travelling and PARTY!!!! Are you ready for it? For me, baking and making fondant cake is my job. Honestly, my hands is dry always no matter how expensive i used for hand care products, my nails is easily splitting and cracking. But as a blogger, i need to attend many events and i have to colour my nails before meet people. Usually the nails polish colour i paint at home only can last for 1 week (my nails polish colour is professional one!), so i prefer to do gel nails during travel or go party, at least it can last for a month.
Received an invitation from a new nails boutique to review their latest nails print machine, thanks to Steron (the owner of Color360 Nail Salon), i feel so satisfied with their friendly and professional skill, love my nails print too! 
Color360 Nail Salon
Color360 Nail Salon located at Mahkota Cheras, specialty beauty salon establishment that primarily offers nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements, and also make up service. It's pretty near from my house, and the lady boss is so friendly.  =)
It was only open a couple months ago, simple interior design with main colour pastel pink and white to create a cozy and spacious ambiance for customer.
I am going to review their latest technology, nail art printer. When nail Art and digital technology merge, it gives us the fastest and latest fashion trends for nails. 
OH MY GOD! without nail polish, my nails are naked, here is my very cracking ugly nails. *embarrassed* 
For better result, they advised me to do nail extension tips to add length and enhance the visual appearance of my nails.
Color360 Nail Salon always offer the best quality for customer, the nail extension tips is very lightweight plastic plate that follows the shape of the nail and glued to the tip of the natural nail. I can't feel that thinnest nail extension tips, it just like my own nails. 
While doing nail extension, enjoy my pedicure at the same time. =)
Scrub it!
Ta-daa~~~~ my sweet sweet gel toe nails design. 
I don't like to wear sandals, so most of time my toes are hiding in my shoes. My main concern is without blink blink accessories and simple design on my toe nails.
After nail extension and gel toe nails, we proceed to the nail art printer. Color360 Nail Salon is using ArtPro printer, it is capable of printing unlimited patterns, designs, images and photos directly on to natural nails or artificial tips
This revolutionary, easy-to-use printer is a breakthrough in modern nail art design, enabling the user to print flawless, unique designs within seconds. Furthermore, users can upload new images, designs and patterns to the machine via USB, meaning ANY IMAGE; ANY PHOTO; ANY DEISGN whatsoever can be printed – Be it a photo from a client; a favourite cartoon character; a business logo; or even a pattern to match an outfit. Customer can print their kid or pet photo on their nails, all can done within 10 minutes! (only nail print) 
Apply tape surrounding your nails to avoid ink smudged.
Choose design.
I choose galaxy x unicorn as my nail prints themed, prefer the cool design instead of cutie girlish one. LOL!
Put one finger into machine, that's it!
Final check up and touch up a bit.
My galaxy x unicorn art print gel nails! Looks exactly alike with the pictures i choose, and the colour contrast is so nice! 
To see how's good of their printer, i purposely choose the complicated design and the fact is i was so happy with the outcome.
Here is their opening promotion, 
gel mani + gel pedi at ONLY RM138!!!
1st trial (gel Manicure) at ONLY RM38!!!
 such a good deal!
On-going promotion until further notice. It's a good chance to try their service with promo price. 

Thanks for the hard work to make my nails prettier! I think this is my first time to have longgggg nails LoL! It's second week now, i work hard as usual and no discolouration gel colour happened on my nails. For this 1 month plus, i don't need to headache of my cracking nails again. Love it !
No 16-1, Jalan Mahkota Residence 2,
Persiaran Mahkota,
43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Tel : 03- 9011 6030
012-250 2052 (Jayvy)

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