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September 6, 2015

I am a child of the 80's, this decade was considered the “transforming time” from the pre-modern era to digital era. Honestly, child of 80's had a great time growing up with a lots of funny games, snack food, drink, music and movie. Oh~~~ gonna to “想当年”  (playback my memories...) 
The boss Dong of I am 80's cafe message me regarding the food review invitation, i am interested because of their cafe name since i am the post-80's also LoL! Another attraction is because I am 80's Cafe is a pet friendly cafe, you know i am superb pet lover right? hahaha.... i can't miss out this chance to bring my furkids go along for food review! Please take note that  I am 80's cafe only open for pets on Sunday once in every 2 weeks. Before you plan to go with your pets, check the update (open day and time) via their official Facebook account . Please respect the rules to avoid unhappy dine-in experience. =)

Hidden in the middle of PJ housing area Taman Rasa Sayang, within 5 minutes driving distance from Paradigm Mall, but if you are not familiar with PJ housing area, please do not hesitate to use GPS. *friendly reminder*  
Why the cafe name is " I am 80's cafe" ? Because the owner was born in 80's, it's just that simple! The Post-80's generation were labelled as self-centered, they can give up anything and start all over again if they believe this is the correct one. Agree the Post-80's? YES!!! i am one of them hahaha! studied design because of i love drawing but doesn't like to be a designer, so i worked as banker but i hate chase sales, i quit and start my bakery from zero experience and knowledge. Same as Dong, the owner of  I am 80's cafe was the master chef of famous franchise cafe, worked more than 5 years and end up decided to open a cafe which is belongs to him and do what he love to do! I believe his menu and cooking skill won't disappoint me =)

I am 80's cafe will never fail to surprise you when step into cafe, there are some decoration/ games/ foods/ drinks come from 80's themed and a lot of furnitures DIY by owner.
Playful little decoration is surrounding you and you just can't stop to take picture or 'selfie' every corner. 
It's seem a bit small cafe but the most interesting is there are a underground basement that can held private party, Birthday Party buffet, Doggie's Event, Company Anniversary Event, Meeting point, Product Introduction, etc... The staircase toward another world, let's start the adventure!
Hey 80's! looks familiar? snack foods, game, TV, shoes all these things are belongs to 80's!
From the fancy colourful decoration at upper level, jump into retro world. 
It's my first time to heard underground cafe, love this because you will never know the weather outside/ morning or night and dogs can enjoy their quality time. It is best for party!
My Golden Dou Dou is very sensitive to her environment surrounding especially noise, and she was very comfortable to enjoy cooling air-con and mingle around with my blogger friends.*she is a super pro PR ^^ 
Usually if you want to bring dogs, they would suggest go to basement because it is cold and spacious, so your dog can run everywhere. 
Met another cutie dogs when we doing food review, this handsome corgi just can't stop to chasing Golden Dou Dou (don't so desperate la! ><)
Mushroom Soup    RM 9
It's a mix forest mushroom with thick cream and truffle oil, i like this creamy mushroom soup. Adding the truffle oil gives the soup a wonderful flavour and aroma!
80's Beef Stew    RM 25
Silver top slow cooked 12 hours with garden root veggie and beef juice, key of all is soaking of the beef in rich gravy, the meat was so tender. Take a piece and eat it, melt into your mouth instantly and taste heavenly. 
80's Signature    RM 75
Served in big portion includes roasted 1/2 chicken, onion ring, 12" chicken sausage, fish & chip, sweet corn, hash brown, garden salad, pesto bread. Served with BBQ sauce and Tartar sauce. Crispy and deep brown exterior roasted chicken, the meat is not too juicy but it is perfect to dip in BBQ sauce. Recommend for 3-4 pax. 
 Black Mussels In Pot    RM 40
Fresh black mussel sautéed with onion finished with cream sauce and spaghetti. Tasty and nutritious!
 Sarawak Laksa   RM 12
Served with prawn, egg slice, bean sprouts, chicken and vermicelli noodle. It is flavourful and spicy (for someone who can't take very spicy like me)
Bailey Chocolate Mousse    RM 16
A light yet rich dessert that combines Baileys with fresh cream and dark chocolate, this Baileys chocolate mousse is the bomb. 
A dessert that you never ever skipped! 
Dancing In The Pan      RM 20
Must try!!! warm bread pudding with ice cream in a hot baking pan, pour the smooth vanilla and chocolate sauce over the warm bread pudding and began sizzle in the pan. Don't wait and eat it immediately! 
Feel the warm + cold melting in your mouth, you can't beat a warm piece of bread pudding with a drizzle of chocolate vanilla sauce. 
Get a nutritious boost of I'm 80's cafe homemade fruit smoothies, blended with fresh fruit and mix a little magic ball. You can take back the bottle if you wish to or cannot finish it, but please ask the owner first. =) 
Banana Mango with Basil Seed    RM 14
Lychee Soursop and Mints Leaf    RM 15
Mix Berries and Dragon Fruit       RM 16
Personally, i like Lychee Soursop and Mints Leaf, a great refreshment in a hot day.
Sarsi   RM 6
This is a vintage drink! What i mean is the packaging only, no worries it is safe for drink LoL! Honestly i didn't see this before, i had no idea how's the taste like but this Sarsi is less sweet and upgraded with new formula. This original from the factory and you can't get it in market, but can get it from the 80's cafe.
80's Coffee     RM 10
80's Milk Tea   RM 10
Must Try! Finally i found my favourite milk tea at here! Use strong black tea to make sure the milk will not overpower it, taste so smooth and strong tea flavor. Guess what? i visited this cafe again because of this milk tea LoL! 
Hot Chocolate    RM 13
hmm... try to find where is Golden Dou Dou? haiz.... she is 24 hours following me....
The owner , Dong
Photo credits to Maple's blog
Thanks for my blogger gang, hope you guys enjoy the foods. =)
Overall, the food quality is good, love all their drinks and environment. I felt it is like a private corner for diners to enjoy meal and gathering without disturbing. 

Furthermore, I am 80's also offer outdoor buffet, such as Home Private Party buffet, Church Wedding Buffet.
Please take note again that  I am 80's cafe only open for pets on Sunday once in every 2 weeks. Before you plan to go with your pets, check the update (open day and time) via their official Facebook account .
In another day... it was Golden Dou Dou's birthday and Princess V (my miniature schnauzer) didn't go on the food review day, and i really miss the milk tea so much! I drove all the way from my house to had my brunch with my mum.
Hehehe..... my mum don't know use my camera so... no choice la, i force her to take this picture hahaha!
Photobomb Golden Dou Dou!!! 
Between, they offering lunch set for weekdays , yummy and value for money!
* Before i go, i asked the owner Dong, whether can bring my furkids come or not (the day is weekday).*
I Am 80's Cafe

35, Ground floor, Jalan SS4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel: 03-74972846
Opening Hours: 
Monday to saturday: 11.30 am - 10.30pm 
Sunday: 10.30 am - 10.30pm

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