My Paradise Koh Lipe

August 8, 2015

Fall in love my Koh Lipe paradise!
I used to travelling every year, but i had no plan for this year because i really freaking scare to take plane T_T 
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr..... arghh i started to feel boring and i wish to destress myself away from tons of work! Travel is my best medicine forever, and i am so lucky to have another 2 buddies accompany and go for island getaway woohoo!!! I choose Koh Lipe because was amazed by the beautiful scenery pictures and this is the shortest distance to a paradise if compare with Boracay (some more my sister told me that everything in Boracay is expensive when she came back from there), well yeah... i think i can't go Europe in my life unless i can overcome this phobia, i just can't take more than 8 hours flight, haiz haiz...
This is free & easy trip as i don't want use my brain and think where to shop where to eat, Koh Lipe is my best choice since there are only one shopping street haha! If you read articles about Koh Lipe before, you should know that is quite tiring to reach that island, but no pain no gain =P It is definitely worth it!

How to go Koh Lipe from Kuala Lumpur
Take flight from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Langkawi ------> Take ferry to Koh Lipe 
Details : 
[ Option A ]
The easiest way from Kuala Lumpur is to fly to Langkawi. You need about 20 minutes to reach Telaga Terminal Ferry. In peak season , daily boats connect Koh Lipe and Langkawi, the boat ride takes about 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on the weather. You will have to go trough immigration on both sides as this is an international border crossing. 

* Remember : You MUST bring your passport!!!!!
* Ferry shuttle service available from mid of October until end of May every year.
[ Option B ]
That is the only way to get to Koh Lipe in low season is via Pak Bara (at Had Yai), there are both private taxi's and shared minibuses available to get you from Had Yai to Pak Bara. Daily boats to Koh Lipe run at 11.30 all year around. In Peak season there are also boats in the afternoon but i would recommend to choose Langkawi route which is more comfortable unless you got no choice.

Let's make the steps easier, kindly check availability flight and ferry tickets of the date you want to go, then only plan for hotel booking.My travel date is 28th - 31st of May, but because there are only one time daily for Ferry and no suitable time for my air ticket on 31st May so i decided to stay at Langkawi on 30th May. I bought my ferry tickets via, its about RM231.30 per pax (return ticket).
This is the ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe. It stopped at the middle of sea because there are too many carols near beach so it can't go nearer.
What we need to do is carrying our bags and jump into this small wood boat (sampan). We are smart because we bring backpack and wear slippers hehe....
* My suggestion : Try to carry backpack and wear plastic slippers. Don't bring your pretty luggage because you will very headache and don't know how to take it to this small wood boat and jump into water and walk to the beach. 
White sandy beaches , crystal clear water, blue blue sky, Oh My Paradise!!!
Let's take a wefie while waiting for check in.
Day 1 : Mali Resort , Balinese luxury ocean view room.
The room is nice, spacious and relaxing. I do really enjoy this open bathroom where i can smell the nature and calm my soul, but it's not romantic to shower under the stars, mosquitos flying around ><!
Foods are so delicious and with very reasonable prices! We enjoyed 3 meals at Mali Resort in our 3D2N trip, can't resist *slurp!*
Koh Lipe's main street is called "Walking Street" where are shops and restaurants located. It closes down for motorbikes from 18:00 until 24:00 in high season. That is considered low season when i went there, 90% shops are closed and some leave a message note on the gate "i'll see you next year" hahaha!

In the night time most roads are lit by streetlights but it's a good idea to take a torch if you go out from your resort to Walking street. You can spot the official motorbike taxi's (with sidecar) by their purple jacket and their colourful motorbikes, can take a couple of people for a fixed price per person. Too bad, I can't find it because of low season but never mind, walking distance from my resort to walking street is about 15 minutes only. 
Dinner at Walking street, no worries on the price, it is cheap!
This is my view to had my breakfast, can die la! sooooooo pretty!!!
Koh Lipe has a lot of dogs, don't scare of them because they are well behaved and very friendly. 
Playing with my flash tattoo, no doubt this is the best "accessories" for beach wear.
Enjoy a very comfortable stay at Mali Resort, we moved to another resort at the next day.
Day 2 : Idyllic Concept Resort , I-Green villa.
Nestled on Koh Lipe’s pristine Sunrise Beach where is famous of sunrise scene, don't miss out!

The villa is just....too nice! Idyllic Concept Resort is a 5 stars resort, it is much better than Mali but not convenience to go walking street. We need to pass by small village before walking street, dare not to go out during dark night and we choose to dinner at resort.
My first ever snorkeling.
 1500 Baht per boat.
Heard my friends said usually will drop you at a stop point and snorkeling, but this is not happen to me. Dropped us into deep blue sea, holding lifebuoy and that very nice Gypsy Thai guy (name: Ah BAO) bring us go forward until we are tired. You are right! he is holding our lifebuoy and push the boat at the same time, awesome!
Exploring secret beaches.
At another unknown name beach and here got a lots of sea urchin.
Well, dogs are always love me hahahaha!
This is long beach. Sands is too smooth like silk.
Hope you enjoy my pictures, i know quite a lot... LoL!
We had a great time in Koh Lipe, lay on the beach chair without phone call disturb | enjoy the sun light | discovery abundant marine life | drink beer and chit chatting under the stars | enjoy thai massage | It was an amazing and relaxing trip. We started to plan for next year visit when we took ferry back to Langkawi, really love there so so so so much! 
I miss you deeply , Koh Lipe.


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