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August 17, 2015

Did you read my previous post regarding "Esmeria Soothing Organics Shower Gel and Body Cream" before? I was explain what's make Esmeria standing out from another organics personal care brand, so i am not gonna to explain again in this post, please feel free to read my previous one =P
Using the origin and purity of the plant ingredients, Esmeria Soothing Organics is not only really gentle but also incredibly effective against various scalp conditions like dandruff and sensitive scalp. After all, the last thing troubled scalps need is more aggravation and build-up from harsh surfactants, petrochemicals, silicones and other harmful chemicals. Esmeria Soothing Organics is certified by ECOCERT which is Parabens free, artificial fragrance free, no ingredients tested on animals.
Esmeria Soothing Organics offers Soothing Shampoos and Soothing Conditioner for healthier scalp and shining hair:

· SOOTHING SHAMPOO for Dandruff Scalp (250ml)
· SOOTHING SHAMPOO for Sensitive and Irritated Scalp (250ml)
· SOOTHING CONDITIONER for Sensitive and Dandruff Scalp (150ml)

SOOTHING SHAMPOO for Dandruff Scalp    250ml
For those who are headache on their dandruff scalp, this is a great news! Now you can resolve your dandruff scalp problem without having to use harsh chemicals such as ZPT (zinc pyrithione), a chemical that is commonly use in anti dandruff shampoo. There is such a breakthrough in the natural and organic industry, an uniquely combination of a PROVEN natural anti-dandruff active, Sodium Caprinoyl/Lauroyl Lactylate and potent anti-bacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil that are able to relieve itchiness, control dandruff problems and restore the scalp to a healthy condition! There is another secret ingredients Gulf Stream Sea Water and Shiso Extract which can doubles-up its function to soothe the scalp from itchiness but hydrating.
* Shiso Extract is a natural anti-allergic substance derived from the green perilla leaves grown in Hokkaido, Japan. It is used for the treatment of some allergy diseases such as atopic dermatitis and heyfever at several medical institutes in Japan, and suppression of inflammation or itch.
* Gulf Stream Sea Water from Northern Atlantic, intensely hydrating and re-mineralise.
SOOTHING SHAMPOO for Sensitive & Irritated Scalp    250ml 
Protect and restore sensitive scalp to a healthy condition naturally and at the same time soothes, hydrates the scalp while having the hair cleansed gently without further irritating the scalp with ultra mild plant derived cleansers. Soothing and hydrating sensitive scalp by Organic Aloe Vera Juice,Calendula Extract, Gulf Stream Sea Water and Shiso Extract. It contains a unique natural Amino Acid, Capryoyl Glycine, which acts as an excellent anti-bacterial active to protect and restore the scalp to a healthy condition. 
I had sensitive scalp, always feel so itchy especially i didn't wash my hair for twice days. I was trying to calm my itchiness of scalp, i have to wash my hair everyday but it is failed. I still get irritated by itchiness and sensitive scalp.
Let's try this SOOTHING SHAMPOO for Sensitive & Irritated Scalp, hope it can help.
It was fragrant free but with slightly natural smell of Calendula flower, feel so relaxing while wash my head. After use this shampoo for 2 weeks, it appears to have improved the quality of my scalp. My scalp now is getting healthier, it only itch sometimes still but getting lesser.
SOOTHING CONDITIONER for Sensitive and Dandruff Scalp   150ml
This is a special hair conditioner that does more than hair conditioning job!
It is specially formulated to ward off dandruff and sensitive scalp problems naturally using a uniquely combination of a PROVEN natural anti-dandruff active, Sodium Caprinoyl/Lauroyl Lactylate and powerful antibacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil. Meanwhile soothes irritated scalp with soothing Aloe Vera, Shiso and Calendula Extract. Last, nourishes and adds shine to hair naturally with only bountiful of pure organic emollients - Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Olive Oil.
It is a MUST routine to apply hair conditioner after shampooing.
Most of us don't trust of Organic products because it is not contain to very strong chemical ingredients which can bring us the fastest and good result. However, Esmeria Soothing Organic products proud to show you the different vision, it works well !
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