Happy birthday Princess V

August 4, 2015

28th of July, Princess V's D.O.B 
This year, is her 6th birthday. 
As a cake designer and also dog cake designer, i make a lot of fancy design cakes to customer's dog but i don't do this for my princesses. I spent my time to make every single fondant figurine to be perfect, nobody know how tough of the process when i spent few days to proceed one cake's decoration and you only need few minutes may be few hours to place your order with me. So, if i spent my time to make very fancy cake for my princesses, those decoration is a waste because i only allow them to eat cake and small bites of fondant. But, Princess V already 6th years old this year. I knew... the number of candle on cake is getting bigger, the time between me and her is getting lesser =( 
Princess V loves cake especially with cutie figurines, she will sitting there for half an hour when customer's cake is done and i put on table, may be she pray hard for the cake drop from the table haha! sometimes she will jump on chair and try to grab it! 
This year, i am going to make a cake with fancy design for her. =)
Nothing much to say, but just...
I Love you babe! until the end of my life! 
Happy birthday my Princess V *muacks!!!!! biggggggg kisssss*
Enjoy the pictures of her small celebration =)

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