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August 31, 2015

To keep my youthful look, collagen is one of my secret weapon. I bet most of you don't know about my real age hehehe! *evil smile* Collagen is important for youthful and radiant skin, there are clinical studies to show the correlation of the consumption of Hydrolysed Collagen and its proven ability to renew skin, builds bone and ligaments in our body. I tried many type of collagen such as powder type, liquid and also jelly. So far i am quite satisfied with my collagen brand now but who doesn't like to try new things especially for beauty? (☆_☆) "Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself, if you never try, you'll never know."

Recently, i had a review of new collage product , C-Jello collagen jelly bar! I love collagen I love jelly! ^^
C-Jello is the first ever collagen jelly bar exclusively created in Korea and it was produced to deliver the most effective absorption for the restoration of the skin by promoting the appearance of youthful, healthy and glowing skin in a safe and non-invasive way. 

Collagen is a protein that is the principal constituent of fibrous connective tissues, found in skin, bones and cartilage. Collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin, bone and cartilage. I don't know there are various types of collagen that are found in specific places in the body! Here is it: 
 Type I – Bones, tendons, ligaments and skin
 Type II – Cartilages and structure of the eyes
 Type III – Liver, lungs and arteries
 Type IV – Kidneys and several internal organs
 Type V – Surface of cells, hair and placenta
C-Jello contains Type 1 collagen which is highly beneficial for skin. Type I Collagen does not burn fat. Instead, collagen protein nourishes the muscles, those nourished muscles will burn off the excess calories in your body.What if you loss collagen type 1? A lot of horrible effects : fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face, skin lacks firmness, breast sagginess, joint and muscular stiffness, hair loss and more... OMG! 

Age fighting benefits of C-Jello :
  • Delaying the ageing process.
  • Restructuring of the skin’s collagen and its ability to retain skin’s firmness, elasticity and smoothness.
  • Stimulates the skin renewal process for a younger and more youthful appearance.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. *very important for me! LOL*
  • Lightening of dark spots for a brighter and fairer skin tone.
  • Improvement of the overall health and suppleness of the skin.

C-Jello collagen jelly bar is made from wild caught deep ocean fishes such as cod, haddock and pollock. Contains no growth hormones or antibiotics, no artificial colours, flavour or preservatives, gluten-free. Certified Halal.


Q: What is hydrolysed German fish collagen?
It is a PREMIUM highly concentrated, stable NANO molecule collagen extracted from deep sea fish using anadvance patented technology procedure from Germany.

Q: Is 2500mg of fish collagen enough for daily intake?
Experts typically recommend a daily dosage of 5-10g of collagen, which is equivalent to 2 sachets per day (5000 mg) or up to a maximum of 4 sachets per day (10,000 mg). C Jello delivers a 99% absorption rate which means it will be effectively utilized and absorbed by the body.

Q: What is the difference between our C Jello and the collagen available in the market?
C-Jello HCP has a low molecular weight of 500 to 3000 Da and when compared to the other brands in the market, it candeliver MORE THAN 99% absorption in the body and skin.

Q: Is C-Jello considered a good nutrition/supplement for athletes?
Yes, because it contains mainly amino acids which improves mitochondria function. This function hence replenishes the depleted protein after an intense workout.

Q : How much Vitamin C is there in each sachet and what is the purpose?
There is 30mg of Vitamin C in each sachet. The Vitamin C in C-Jello is the co-factor and aids in the formation of collagen.

Q: Are the mulberry, artichoke and rice bran extracts natural and have health benefits?
Yes, they are food grade ingredients that have excellent anti-oxidants properties.

Q: Since most of the ingredients are derived by fruit extracts,are there any chemicals presence in C-Jello?
No, these extracts are from natural sources and are classified as food grade ingredients.

Q: Where is the hyaluronic acid derived from?
It is derived from the culture of micro-organisms.

Q: How fast can we see results such as overall whitening of the skin or less wrinkles?
Typically, results can be seen within a month or so however several factors such as genetics,environment pollutants, nutrition and lifestyle can also play a role in your results.

Q: Will we put on weight by consuming excessive C-Jello at once since it taste sweet?
C-Jello is approximately 26.5 kcal per sachet vs. a can of soda which is 110 kcal per can (250ml). It would be difficult to gain weight if the recommended dosage is followed.
To show the different of before and after consume C-Jello, i took 14 days to try and share my experience to you.This is 14 days BEFORE i consume C-Jello. 
My skin - dull and uneven.
Taste of C-Jello is totally different with collagen liquid / powder. It is so fruity like i am eating the real fruit jelly! Easy to bring this little sachet to everywhere no matter your bag is very small or very big. How can resist this yummy flexible beauty supplement!
14 days AFTER
Actually i felt the changes start from the 3rd day, my skin is brighten and tighten. Looks a bit energetic even though no make up, i didn't apply concealer and foundation at the picture above. 
Because of my job, my skin is always dehydrated and collagen loss faster. C-Jello helps me a lot =)
Where to purchase C-Jello?
Available now at SkinSoul outlets. 

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