[Food] Cubs & Cups @ Desa Sri Hartamas (Pet Friendly)

August 3, 2015

Harlo Cubs & Cups!
It's been a long time i didn't bring my furkids went to pets friendly restaurants, why?
1. My Princess V is very noisy and keep barking *shame la!*
2. My Golden Dou Dou although looks like large breed (she is large breed indeed), but she afraid of.... DOG ==! so she will keep hide and seek hide and seek repeatedly in that restaurant.
3. Pets friendly restaurants always have some pets UNfriendly customers, what's for i come and pay also but have to look at your smelly face and rude words?! 
So, i decided let them to stay home since there are no good dog foods for them to eat at pets friendly restaurant also LoL! 
Until, i heard Cubs & Cups is open by Koreans and they have the rules which is quite protecting our furkids =)
My first sight ~ well said!
Pets welcome, People tolerated. 
*please don't ignore this sentence when you step into a pets FRIENDLY restaurant.

Read their house rules before get in to avoid any unhappy incident happen.
For pet owners, be responsible ok! don't let your pet pee pee and poo poo everywhere without cleaning after that, because....
You will on their video =)
Simple and casual environment. 
Cola, is their pretties PR hahaha! She loves to mingle around and i believes 80% customers come here because of her, OMG she is so fluffy and cute! Even though she is tired and sleeping on the floor, peoples still posing her to take picture and she just... "i don't care, i want to sleep" hahaha! *PR work tough huh =P*
Self service counter. 
Menu : Coffee | Non-coffee | All day breakfast | Salad | Pizza | Pasta | Sandwiches | Waffles 
Cubs and Cups big breakfast   RM 32 (bottom) | Healthy Breakfast   RM 32 (top) 
Both sets come with coffee or tea
Honestly i think RM 32 for this is quite costly, taste is just so so but because this is pets friendly cafe, i don't care la! LoL!
Caramel Macchiato    RM 13
My princesses's baby sitter ~~ my mother =P
Golden Dou Dou was very scare and hide under the table, why?
Cola was holding her leash, hahahahaha!
Golden Dou Dou : "mummy, i wanna go home! "
Both of them were playing hide and seek, Cola love to chasing her.
This naughty girl cannot off leash because she must run away and i can't find her anymore, so her ending is.... 12938402 seconds sit on my mum's leg and bark bark bark when dogs come around. ==!
I like this cafe, it makes me missing of the BAU House in Korea. The dogs can enjoy their freedom and mingle around at that cafe, you can check my blog here 
There are always unhappy incident happened in pets friendly cafe, such as parents will bring their child to dine in but dislike dogs come and afraid of dirtiness and all that. I asked some of them before : "If you scare this and that, why bring your child go to pets friendly cafe." They told me because their kids wish to TOUCH dogs, hey... touch dogs please go pets shop la! Do you know when my dogs mingle around and may be go to your table, you dislike it and shout or scream or being rude to me. Where is your manners HUMAN? *sorry, i should calm down > <
 Please pay attention if you want to visit Cubs& Cups :
- NO aggressive dogs
- Clean up after your pet
- Children must be SUPERVISED
- NO feeding other than your own pet
- Owners are responsible for their pets at ALL TIME.
You can check their rules via http://www.cubsncups.com

Cubs & Cups operated under friendly cafe staffs, doggy love always is the best cure of depressed life, feel the blissful by surrounding by fluffy here.

Cubs & Cups

Wisma Rapid, Jalan 30/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. 
Open Wednesday-Monday, 11am-12am.

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