Diamond V Fit Mask, get 'V' now!

August 28, 2015

I believe there are about 80% girls wish to have V-shaped face, so you don't need to bother of ugly angle while taking picture, am i right? *me too!!!* LOL
Instead of going for botox or filler injection to create V-shaped face, i found another way which can save money (a lot!) and convenient (so i don't need to headache about traffic jam/ cannot find parking bla bla bla....)
What is my secret weapon? it is Diamond V Fit Mask from Mask House!!!

This is not an advertorial but want to share my experience on good stuff. FYI, just a short introduction about Mask House. Mask House devotes to developing mask material, function, design of masks in order to cater different skin types and their needs. After years of unremitting efforts, Mask House have been fully recognized as “Korean Mask Expert". 
Diamond V Fit Mask is highly recommended by popular TV shows in Asia and gained unanimous praise among celebrities. 
Diamond V Fit Mask is the latest Korean V-Shaped facial combination with V-Fit mask and slimming band. 
Diamond V Fit Mask contains BodyFit essence,Corum9235 and Q10 as key ingredients. 
BodyFit essence - can convert fat into stabilize fibrous tissue and ease the edema under the cheeks, jaws and chin. Lifting up and firming the shape of your face, promote facial blood circulation and burn up extra fat on the face to remodel a V-shaped face and refines neck lines. 
Corum9235 - extremely safe heating-up ingredient. It can avoids allergy and stimulate the absorption of serum and promote to lose the chin-fat
Q10 - the strongest anti-oxidation elements which spreads to every single part of human body. It stimulates cell strengthening and promotes the regeneration of skinIt also defenses against the visible sign of aging, such as uneven skin tone & wrinkles.
*Safety treatment without irritant component and approved by KFDA. *
Remember measure your chin with the soft tape and mark down the record. 
Apply mask on the face, wear the slimming band and fix it under the chin (Colored part for the outside). Tighten the slimming band and wait for 30-40 minutes.
Feel warm while applying the mask, but doesn't cause me uncomfortable, i can feel the fat burning.....
Hmm...what can you do during this long long time? *apply normal mask only need 15 minutes la!*
You can take a nap....
Continue working.....
Here is the result, my face is 1cm smaller and firmer!!! My face becomes V-shaped (a little bit), yahoo!!! It is perfect to use it for emergent cases especially when you wake up in the morning. 
No more puffy face! =)

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