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December 3, 2013

Pencil skirt is my favorite item recently. It is easy to mix and match, comfortable to wear and lower price. Yes, pencil skirt is always lower price than other skirts.

You can see various of colors pencil skirts everywhere, black / blue/ red/ grey/ green/ white/ purple …. I got 2 plain color pencil skirt, so jeans pencil skirt is the newbie in my pencil skirt family. LoL!

All from Japan except jeans pencil skirt.

My super light Nike sneakers .

Kenzo x New Era fall/winter 2013 collection
" Eye "

How lucky am i to grab these two at my last day last minute shopping! still remember that time is 10pm and all escalator are lock and only able to going down and this collection was just released. weeeeeee! ^^

I choose the black one and white for my sister.

G Shock Mini 
I don't like to wear a watch , so i don't have watch in my jewelry box. My friend was going to G shock shop at Fukuoka , i was walk around and simply take a look when waiting for them. Honestly, i never thought this brand is nice looking and of course i don't know why it suddenly so hits, i just remember i got a baby G when i at primary school, thats it only! 

"Since this is superb famous and hits now, if that watch only available in Japan, then i buy!" that is what pop up in my mind that time.

I asked the staff, " any watches are selling at Japan only and very limited?"

Deng Deng Deng, of course the answer was show in that picture above - G Shock Mini. 
You can't find this model in every country G Shock website but only in Japan website , and luckily i bought it! i can't find anymore when travel to Osaka/Kyoto or Kobe. 

me and sista Yennie

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