Japan Trip #2 : Miyajima

December 10, 2013

This is our destination of day 2 in Fukuoka ~ Miyajima at Hiroshima.
By the way, the real name of this island actually is Itsukushima and Miyajima just a popular nickname for tourists. 

We started our journey after great breakfast in hotel. 

To reach Miyajima , we need to take Shinkansen to Hiroshima (about 1 hour) , then take train to Miyajimaguchi and wait for the ferry (15 minutes). We got Shinkansen 4 days pass, so if we took JR ferry to Miyajima, it is F.O.C . 

Tame deer amble around the island, most of them's antlers was cut down , but please be careful if you see some are with antlers, because they will use their head to rub your bottom for begging foods , by the way, they are very cute and acting like my princess Dou Dou ^^ , i love them! 

Begging food mission failed, so snatch paper from tourist's hand and eat. ==!!!

I love to eat ice cream in super cold day ^^

Oyster, is a must eat at Miyajima. But anyway i don't take oysters, according my friends who ate this, the best oyster ever.

This deer is super funny, it just waiting for that auto gate open however that is hand-push auto door, so unless it use its hand to push that button, if not it couldn't get in, so it just wait..wait…and wait…..but nobody know what's the reason must get in la….after an hour, i pass by this restaurant again, and…i saw it still there …LoL!

Okonomiyaki , famous dish of Hiroshima.

Autumn is marron season.

Floating Torii , where i feel the prettiest scenes in Miyajima.

One and the only group picture we had in whole Japan trip. XD

and you can enjoy the autumn fall scenes pictures now.

 < OOTD >
Biker Jacket - Topshop
" Off Duty " sweater - Zara
Tags Jeans - Zara
Golden Ribbon Leather Flats - Zara

~ Day 2 ended ~
To be Continue...

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