Lovely weekends end with Chi Lam's songs...

December 2, 2013

Sorry recently i am really quite lazy to blogging, after my work, i was busy with another things like play with my fur-princesses, so blog regarding my Japan trip have to delay again . ><!

This is what i did in my lovely weekends. I was going to Chi Lam & friends concert in Genting Highland and stay overnight at Resort Hotel. Honestly, i seldom go Genting except go for concert because i got bad car sick and very bad and horrible car accident experience before,there are like entertainment heaven for others but means nothing to me, i don't like to play at theme park, don't go casino, not really like starbucks and baskin 31, quite outdated fashion at there, so…Concert is the one and only reason to "force" me go up there. Haiz… really suffering when on the way going up.

Not a bad luck day, we got room at level 17th (the second highest) and the room is spacious (p/s : i superb scare of room which smell humidity and feels like ghost house). Since nothing to do, started my selfie time,LoL! 

Apologize of the picture quality because i am using this stupid I5.

< OOTD >
Lace Tops - Lowrys Farm
High Waist Jeans - Forever 21 Japan
Shocking Pink crystal flats - Maud Frizon
Biker Jacket - Topshop

This is the only restaurant that i will having my dim sum, lunch and dinner . Their food quality very good if compare with their KL branch, menu is slight different too. 

When you stay in first world , you will never know what's happen at outside, it just like a city that never sleep, music is too loud, no windows, all on lights… when my dinner time, it was heavy raining at outside, very strong wind and fog. Temperature suddenly turn down, but it can't stop me go to meet my Chi Lam!!!

Chi Lam & friends concert - Chi Lam and other 3 TVB pop stars's concert. Oops yea…there was a guest - Susan, i bet nobody will know her and where she come from, she is the first singer to come out, this is a bad arrangement because we don't know who is she and she suddenly come out and sing a lot of songs, really a lot!!! i never see a guest will sing more than 4 songs in a concert, she is the first! haha! i know mostly audience are dislike her and some rude to her, quite pity of her but she got a nice voice, it just can't hold her nice voice after 3rd songs. =(

Nance Wu (胡定欣) is the 2nd artists to show up, she got a nice voice but may be because of her 1st song is a dancing song, so she can't breath well and slightly gone key for the following performance.

Law Chung Him (罗仲谦) is the 3rd, so handsome and cute!!! * eyes blink blink*

and follow with Sharon Chan (陈敏芝) , i think a lot of female will jealous on her body, sexy and with a pair of long long legs.

Lastly, Chi Lam (张智霖) finally !!! All of us were crazy to shout and scream… OMGGGG really a handsome Captain Cool!

Although this is a multi artists concert, Chi Lam can't sing too long also, but he tried his best to get closer with us, he just don't care of crazy fans and walk towards to non VIP area and sit down to sing a song, OMGGGG really can't resist !!!

Concert was end at 11pm, we know all of them are trying their best to make this concert perfectly. I am satisfied and i think i will have my sweet dream later, Goodnight XoXo =)

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