Japan Trip #3 : Osaka

December 16, 2013

Don't get shock of these 4 big heads, this is our hotel at Osaka.
~ Hotel Dotonbori ~

These 4 pillars is their trademark, regarding their website description , these is created to welcome guests from all over the world and try to leave strong impression to them (seriously really very strong impression trademarks hahaha!!)  and they have four different buttocks of each, so don't forget to look at their back side LoL! 

It is located at center of downtown, very best location for tourists , it just 3 minutes walk from Namba station and 5 minutes walk from the entrance of Shinsaibashi shopping arcade and Ebishubashi shopping center. 

We are free and easy trip, so we have to choose somewhere are near from JR or train station, we will take bus to airport and we just need to walk for 15 minutes to reach that airport bus terminal, very convenient. Besides of convenient location, there are few privilege and offers in certain period time for hotel guests.

You can get a complimentary cosmetics kit (few packs of cleanser, face lotion, milky liquid, hair band, masks and cottons) when check in and only for ladies! Don't worry if you are afraid hotel staff only can speak in japanese, there are 4 chinese staffs can assist you.

During our staying period, they are offering free Kushikatu ( fried skewer meat and vegetable) in afternoon and authentic ramen and Asahi super dry beers for free from 10.30pm until run out every night!!! Don't think the taste is so so because it is free, their ramen is so tempting and delicious! 
Room is smaller than our hotel in Fukuoka, got triple room in this hotel and still very small for us. how small? Look at the picture below =P

If you are bringing bigger luggage (24 inches and above) , you will face to this situation LoL! my friends are bringing 28 inches luggage, so we are stuck in the room hahaha! luckily i only bring 22 inches luggage go so still can fit in but i have to jump off from the bed and we can't see each others from bed to another bed LoL! 

Tiny washroom but with various amenities ( Sheseido shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid soap, facial cleansing foam, towel, toothbrush with tooth paste, shaver, hair brush and swab.

24 hours open free space : Free internet access with 3 computers and printers 

24 hours open free space is just right in front of check in counter. Free Wi-Fi is available.

24 hours open free space : free drinks

24 hours open free space : Free international phone call service for you to call home to tell arrived safely.

24 hours open free space : Games and DVD corner

24 hours open free space : massage chairs  

24 hours open free space : Cotton candy machine maker

More excellent facilities : Free rental bicycles ( there are very common transportation in Japan)
Free computer rentals (thumbs up!)
Free DVD rentals

You can visit their website - http://www.dotonbori-h.co.jp/english/index.html

The street from our hotel.


Okie, please ignore our tiring face, we are all the way travel from Fukuoka to Osaka  ZzZzZzzz…..

I think this is one of the trademarks of Shinsaibashi?! LOL!

When you are travel, do what is tourist do, snap snap and snap pictures! hehehe...

This restaurant quite good, very easy to find, just besides of that big crab shop.

Strongly recommend for this croissant shop, superb nice! it is located at middle part Shinsaibashi shopping arcade but you can smell it from the end of street!!! Must try it! 

 This is very famous kushikatu shop, but i didn't try because my stomach is full XD

~ Day 3 ended ~
To be continue….

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