Soul of Merry Christmas

December 27, 2013

Christmas, among all festivals a year, besides of Chinese New Year, i love Christmas too.

But i don't like to celebrate, because nowadays Christmas is "packaging" become just too commercial. You have to ONLY order christmas menu (2 or 3 choices) in restaurant , you have to stuck in traffic jam, you have to "flood" by crowded in shopping center, you have to…. 
hmm…too many negative thinks out of my mind, i really prefer celebrate Christmas at oversea =(

Christmas eve in this year is a raining day, and i was in bad flu too, so i just choose to have a simple dinner but not goes for luxury dinner, i have no appetite. =(

So, cardigans is a must item for me to avoid my sick turns to worst .

Try to make my styles to pastel color so overall looks harmony but not too sick, LoL!

< OOTD >
Grey Ribbon Cardigans - Loveis 
High Neck Tops - Topshop
Pink Flared Skirt - Zara
Two Tones Red Heels - Zara

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