Christmas dinner

December 28, 2013

I think i will write few more articles regarding my Christmas, LoL! i am really lazy to blogging my Japan trip… 

Alright, my Christmas this year is really simple, just dinner . 

Celebrated my christmas eve at Fukuya, i like there because there are quite cozy and give me some privacy, there are few private rooms build out there. But if talking about foods, the taste is good but not as good as the prices LoL!

Not feeling well on that day, so only ordered few dishes and go home after that.


Christmas , thought of just staying at home and cook nice meal for my furkids but  my father suddenly want to eat turkey, hmm…seriously i really don't know where to find it besides of whole turkey with stuffing, we don't like the stuffing. Been call few restaurants but all fully book, yea…i am calling the day before Christmas eve ==! i know it's late, definitely i will reserve 2 weeks before if for me, but now is my daddy to request, hair….Try asking via Facebook and some of them suggested Victoria Station. Overall the taste is ok ok, but seriously i didn't expected the prices is quite high if compare it with Tony Roma's .

My lovely little golden rudolph XD

Obviously Princess V doesn't like to take picture.

The scene behind, LoL! 

Christmas tree decorated by me =)

Arrrrr….sooooo cute!!!!!

Merry Christmas 2013

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